Accelerators for Health IT and ISVs

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Faichi leverages its domain and technology expertise to develop innovative products for healthcare ISVs and providers. Over the years, we have built multiple products, thereby optimizing clinical workflows and processes. To reduce time to market and add significant value for our clients, we have developed solution accelerators.
Our solutions provide industry features that easily integrate into your existing products or IT systems. These solutions ensure smooth user experience (UX) for the end-client, as they are structured to be white labelled. Rest APIs or existing APIs are being leveraged for seamless data integration. These solutions can be implemented and made ready to go-live within weeks rather than months.

Portal solution for TeleHealth Companies

Enhance care co-ordination and communication with patients using TeleHealth solution. Leverage secure and efficient way to improve quality of care and patient satisfaction. How can Telehealth platform providers leverage Faichi’s portal solution for remote consultations and monitoring.

Healthcare Digitization Solution

Do you want to get ridofyour standard manila folders? Learn how Faichi’s Digitization solution is driving tangible results across day to day administrative and clinical activities.

Analytics Solution for Population Health Management

Population health management is all about aggregating patient’s data from different sources and analyzing all of it to provide actionable clinical insights. This results in improved clinical and financial outcomes. Faichi's analytics solution for Diabetes Management covers multiple attributes to improve patient care.

Integration Framework

Faichi’s Rapid Integration Framework (FRIF) has been developed to solve integration challenges faced by healthcare organizations, around exchanging patient demographic and medical records data. 

Chronic Care Management Solution

Healthcare is transitioning from fee for service to value-based care. Integrate Faichi’s Chronic care management solution with your product / platform to enhance care delivery for your chronic patient population.

Our Work

Digital Care Management Platform with EHR Integration


  • Creation of the digital care management platform  consisting of web app, iOS front end, integrations with EHRs, Registration processes for the wellness & CCM…
Integrating TeleHealth into Clinical Practices


  • Client had several enquiries from practices around ways to leverage video collaboration platform to provide remote patient consultation.…
Development of Analytics platform for PHM and transition to Value-Based Care


With an innovative idea of providing a personalized population health management, our customer raised substantial funding. They wanted to take this idea…

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Evolve, or Disrupt, Either Way Healthcare is Changing - There are essentially four ways I see healthcare either evolving or being disrupted by technology and data. These are personalized wellness and access interactions, clinical education and enhancement through artificial intelligence, biologic…

Few weeks ago had the opportunity to discuss user adoption issues of different healthcare products (including few customers). Sharing a few issues under two categories:

  1. User experience (UX) driven - 

Effective implementation of a Pophealth Management Program (PHM) requires diverse systems that aid in seamless functioning. For example, an effective analytical platform for service providers helps in diagnosing high-risk patients and deploying preventive care.

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