Faichi is flexible in adopting agile or waterfall method of software development. Certain projects require a combination of both, especially for a large or complex implementation. Agile sprints for core development and waterfall for design, integration, testing and last minute end user requirements. We call this a hybrid model, and Faichi has been successfully delivering projects using this methodology.

Advantages of Hybrid Model:

  • Shorter development cycles 
  • Control of scope 
  • Fully integrate and execute the broader based activities into a systematic plan. 

Steps of Hybrid Methodology: 

Step 1: During the discovery phase our team conducts a detailed requirement analysis and creates a work-breakdown structure. 

Step 2: We identify the design and architecture of the project. 

Step 3: Once the design is finalized, project work starts in series of smaller iterations during the development phase. 

Step 4: The team identifies scope of work for each iteration and tracks the progress.

Step 5: We conduct a work demo during each sprint and collect any feedback received to be incorporated in the next sprint.

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