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Application Development

Application Development

Faichi takes complete ownership and build applications right from scratch in several technologies for e.g. Java, .Net, ROR, PHP, C++ and many more. We offer full-cycle services covering every aspect of software engineering and implementation. We follow agile/scrum methodology or the hybrid development model to execute projects efficiently.
While architecting a product or an application, there are certain challenges which need to be addressed: 
  • An interactive user interface to extract and convert the data  into consumable information. 
  • Create custom tools and widget libraries as per the complexity of the product. 
  • Apply simple intelligence rules and develop exploratory way of data mining.
  • Build connectors/adaptors to create a communication bridge between two diverse applications.


As an Enterprise Application Development Company, we resolve these challenges by combining our technology, domain, and industry expertise. We are specialists in delivering software development, enterprise application development and Web based application development in .Net, Java and Ruby On Rails (ROR).

UX Design for Management UI

Our UX Team is equipped to design information-rich user interface (UI) for applications in complex domains. We specialize in creating Management UIs with highly configurable and multi-relational systems. 

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) at Faichi Solutions is integrated into the delivery process with focus on QA automation (Selenium, SOASTA, JMeter). We believe that quality is incorporated in every phase of application development process, thereby not limiting to just QA, but building a Quality Engineering team.

Application Integration

Our Application Integration services enable system integration across an enterprise, utilizing specific middleware technologies. Faichi also carries out seamless integration between diverse applications and third-party software / web services (popular social networks, payment gateways, online data sources, SAAS APIs, etc.).

Our Work

Social Sharing App for a Technology Start-up


  • Product idea  i.e. platform to spread happy messages and appreciations in online social space, needs to be converted into a fully functional  web application
SCOM Plugin for Database Scalability Solution


  • Integration with Microsoft System Center for health and statistics monitoring of ScaleArc instances within user defined clusters. 


Desktop application for Ecommerce Marketplace in .Net


  • Client has a marketplace for buyers and sellers’ transactions.
  • Requires handling of different Indian taxes calculation based on the product variations and…

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