06 Feb 2017

We are just weeks away from healthcare's biggest pilgrimage - HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition, at Orlando-FL, Feb 19 - Feb 23, 2017. An event that attracts brains from across the globe, who are on a mission to build the best healthcare ecosystem.

27 Jan 2017

Change is inevitable in this digital era.  While eTextbooks, digital coursewares, and online education are widely accepted and more credible now in the academic market, it's time to move forward. Changes in consumption patterns redefine the roles of education content providers, beyond selling e-Books and course material.

13 Jan 2017

After working with multiple products (including co-founding one) over the years, the learning are endless. Lately, have been assisting Healthcare startups across their life-cycle (ideation to growth and sustenance).

02 Jan 2017

2016 was the year of modernization and reforms for healthcare industry. Policy makers were busy creating new rules, policies for Interoperability, Medicare programs for Chronic Care, Diabetes prevention, adoption of TeleHealth, Pop Health, and many more. 

30 Dec 2016

In this blog post, we will be talking about Drupal’s Flex Model and its core properties. 

26 Dec 2016

As publishers battle with shrinking revenues from content distribution channels; the question that persists is can we drive direct revenue and customer engagement?

19 Dec 2016

2016 and all the celebrations of the New Year 2017 have come to an end. While welcoming the new year, we decided to quickly introspect as to how has 2016 been for the Drupal community and what can we expect in 2017.

06 Dec 2016

'Animation' is a term everybody is familiar with. It gives an object the ability to move, breathe, and settle down. Animation depends upon number of frames being used, which results in a smooth effect. Let us revisit the history of animation:

05 Dec 2016

For about 6 months, while interacting with Patients and Providers, realized one important point - Patients consider hospital systems too complex to understand. To work through a system, you need to understand it a little bit.

25 Nov 2016

We have recently been working on a Drupal 8 project for a European client. We have had the opportunity to implement numerous interesting functionalities in Drupal 8. 

23 Nov 2016

AIML Parser module lays down the foundation for introducing AIML in Drupal and creating Chatbots. As you may know, Chatbot is a program that chats with users automatically. 

22 Nov 2016

Since 2013, CMS has been expanding Medicare reimbursement for care management services. Core to this initiative is the Medicare Chronic care management program. 

10 Nov 2016

Now that all the huff-puff about polls are over, it’s time to look at what the newly elected President has in line for US healthcare system. Along with the numerous reforms that Donald Trump would implement, there is a big probability of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.

28 Oct 2016

In today’s digital world, users are always at the center. All the systems with which users interact need to be in sync with each other to serve a unified user experience

27 Oct 2016

FHIR (generally pronounced as “fire”) is a rapid emerging standard for health information exchange.

13 Oct 2016
Healthcare providers with passage of Affordable Care Act are rapidly merging into larger integrated delivery networks and shifting toward various at-risk payment and care delivery models. 
30 Sep 2016

In this post we are going to talk about Open Social Drupal 8 distribution by Goal Gorilla and how it significantly reduces development time while building social communities and intranets.

29 Sep 2016

As DrupalCon Dublin 2016 approaches the end we thought it would be great to tell you everything about Dries’s keynote in case you could not be present to listen to him speak.

26 Sep 2016

Everyone in the Drupal community is excited about the DrupalCon Dublin that kick starts today! The registration is open at Dublin Convention Center until 18:00 today. 

25 Sep 2016
A new healthcare market structure is emerging, in which consumer plays a pivotal role in the business of healthcare.  Consumerism has been making roads into healthcare industry since a decade. Patients increasingly have been acting as consumers having choices in their healthcare options. Patients are now trying to make the best decision for quality and cost just as they do with other commodities. 
17 Sep 2016
Approximately 60 million Americans are covered by Medicare and over 10,000 are added to Medicare every day. Before we begin with what MACRA is, let us take a look at the nature of Medicare Payments prior to MACRA.
29 Aug 2016
integration between different clinical systems

Healthcare, a set of complex systems, needs to be interconnected to provide continuous care. Rapid development of innovative solutions and technological advancements increases the challenges for integrating with traditional hospital systems like EMRs and EHRs.

25 Aug 2016
Salesforce-Drupal integration

In this blog post we are going to talk about how you can optimize your development and implementation costs by Salesforce Drupal integration.

19 Aug 2016

This is the second post in the series of Drupal 8 distributions. In the first part of the series, we introduced Drupal distribution and benefits of using those distributions.  In this post let’s explore Lightning distribution of Drupal.

29 Jul 2016

Faichi SingleView solution provides a holistic, 360-degree view of patients. It effortlessly consolidates your business information in to single view, which will empower physicians and care providers to deliver the highest quality of patient care and enable enhanced clinical health outcomes.

29 Jul 2016
drupalcon dublin

The countdown for DrupalCon Dublin has begun. This is going to be the largest Drupal event in Europe after the release of Drupal 8. Hence, many sessions from Drupal 8 are expected. 

28 Jul 2016

Aside from whatever the visit to the doctor costs you in money, it also costs you in time. End to end, the travel and waiting time for a doctor’s appointment can take several hours, often disrupting work or school.

18 Jul 2016

The new distributions have leveraged a lot of newly added features in Drupal 8 and hence such solutions are highly scalable and robust. 

14 Jul 2016

Estimation of software projects has been a pain point for the IT industry over the years. Gartner states, failure rate among software development projects is 30%. Faichi's Project Estimation Tool helps you mitigate some of the challenges.

12 Jul 2016

Varnish is an open source HTTP reverse proxy accelerator. You install it in front of any server that speaks HTTP and configure it to cache the content. Varnish Cache is really, really fast. It typically speeds up delivery with a factor of 300 - 1000x, depending on your architecture.

28 Jun 2016
healthcare analytical platform

Digitize your entire patient data capture process, resulting in enhanced patient experience and optimization of your clinical operations. Our integrated solution will eliminate human error and increase efficiency.

13 Jun 2016

Addition of new features and Time to Market are two key challenges for Healthcare products. For a product to differentiate against competing products and more value to existing customers, it has to add features which will help in acquiring more customers and in the end more revenue.

01 Jun 2016

Telehealth holds the key to revolutionize the healthcare industry, this is based on an assumption that the systems are seamlessly integrated with current Provider’s workflows.

30 May 2016
Drupal for Product

Drupal has long been one of the most popular open source communities. It has already seen a significant adoption in many industries and enterprises and it is no longer considered just a CMS. 

30 May 2016

The healthcare landscape is changing at an incredibly rapid pace. A more consumer oriented market place, means physicians are working hard to raise their levels of care and provide more personalized service. 

23 May 2016
Multichannel Publishing

We have been discussing about how the Central Panel for Multichannel Publishing is a solution that enables the administration team to manage their websites in an efficient way. In one of our earlier blog posts we talked about how Drupal 8 can be leveraged to solve business challenges of media vertical. 

19 May 2016
healthcare analytical platform

Nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes. One in every three dollars spent from Medicare is spent caring for people with diabetes. Similarly, $1 in every $5 health care dollars is spent caring for people with diabetes. In totality, around $ 322 billion are spent on diabetes and prediabetes every year in America.

04 May 2016

The biggest DrupalCon in the world: DrupalCon New Orleans is here!  Drupalers from all around the world will be visiting the city of New Orleans.  If this is not a good enough reason to attend DrupalCon, let me entice you with what more DrupalCon New Orleans 2016 has to offer.  

28 Apr 2016

In our previous blog we talked about how Drupal 8 can be leveraged to solve the business challenges of the media vertical. We discussed about the challenges faced by the media vertical of managing all the digital assets, ensuring their reusability across multiple publishing mediums and hence reduce the unnecessary effort and time that may be wasted by not reusing the already created assets.

12 Apr 2016
faichi drupal company

It all started at DrupalCon Barcelona, when Shailesh Gogate, VP at Faichi Solutions, met Johanna Boel Bergmann, the Account Manager, Drupal Businesses at the Drupal Association.

11 Apr 2016
Integration Healthcare

Healthcare ecosystem is traditionally rich with Clinical, Operational, Financial and data from several healthcare devices. It is a known fact that this data when consolidated will drastically improve overall patient care and reduce healthcare cost. 

05 Apr 2016
drupal8 media

Media industry has been an early innovator in mobile and has always been known for adoption of new technologies and platforms. In today’s world, media companiesare not only concerned about the digital media platform priorities (social media curation, multiple media player integrations, content personalization and distribution) but are also keen on exploring newer technologies (e.g. virtual reality). 

28 Mar 2016
drupal 8 features

Drupal 8 has undoubtedly brought numerous features for its users. I am addressing seven features which I believe are going to be of significant use for developing better, faster, and more efficient Drupal web properties.

23 Mar 2016
Chronic Care Management Solutions

Health care systems are continuously struggling to provide patient care across the continuum and rising costs are further increase the challenges in delivering quality care. As a patient, you end up paying more for your healthcare and tend to take your own decisions.

11 Mar 2016

In the first part of this blog (Part 1 Link) we discussed about how we can change the machine name of the field even after it has been created; by the method of creating a new field. 

28 Feb 2016
drupalcon asia

We had been following and preparing to attend DrupalCon Asia for a long time. Most of the people in our team were to attend the DrupalCon for the first time. 

17 Feb 2016

We can rename the machine name of a field even after it has been created by two methods. 

05 Feb 2016

Are you looking for a hybrid solution for your websites? If yes, then Drupal is the answer to all your worries as it is the only platform that gives you the flexibility to do anything, while building customized solutions for your clients. So, are you all set to build your next corporate website with this wonderful application framework?

29 Jan 2016
“Headless” or Decoupled
Drupal followed by “Headless”, is a couplet word grabbing a lot of popularity in the Drupal world, but is it here to stay? We shall find out.
27 Jan 2016
Frost & Sullivan

Healthcare requires new approaches to technology and create opportunities for startups and healthcare organizations. Current systems are complex and inefficient.

25 Jan 2016
Digital Faichi

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the 7th Annual Summit on Insurance Technology in Mumbai, India. The event was very well organised by Fintelekt, so kudos to my close personal friend Mr. Shirish Pathak and his team.

11 Jan 2016

Drupal 8 mobile initiative was ideated long back in Oct 2011 when Drupal 8 roadmap was being created. 

22 Dec 2015

Much has been talked about Interoperability for EHRs, especially when it relates to Patients. Most important point to consider is reducing cost "for patient" and "per patient"

14 Dec 2015
Drupal8 Symphony

The latest version of Drupal i.e. Drupal 8, has been released on 19th November, 2015.  With consistent development efforts spread across five years, this is the longest time taken by Drupal community to release a version, hence a lot has changed in these five years and a lot is expected to change in the Drupal world with this release. 

03 Dec 2015

Sifting through some material the other day I stumbled across a view about DevOps that was put forth very passionately and articulately. However, it was at odds with how I see things and made me think about the subject one more time.

27 Nov 2015

In an organization consisting of various discrete software systems, the ability of Drupal to integrate with the enterprise and third party applications is not a niche but the basic building blocks of developing a robust functional system.

23 Nov 2015

Multiple hypervisors are typically deployed in a data center. Enterprises should be able to address more workloads and move them around from one infrastructure to another. Also, ISVs like Oracle prefer to provide better support on their proprietary virtualization platform like Oracle VM (based on Xen hypervisor).

03 Nov 2015
The journey for Drupalcon Asia 2016 to be held in Mumbai has begun. This is going to be the first ever Drupalcon Asia and Mumbai has the opportunity to host it. 
19 Oct 2015

Almost every popular licensed or open source technology community has had some or other certification methods to standardize the skillset of the developers and engineers working in that community. Drupal being a sizable open source community, had been missing this for a long time now.

15 Oct 2015
drupal media
Numerous companies from Media, E-Learning, and Journalism domains use Drupal as their WebCMS and all these sites are media rich (videos, pictures, music, document files, etc).
29 Sep 2015
drupal 8

Generally the delay of any product or platform directly affects its eco-system and the businesses and revenues revolving around it. 

11 Sep 2015
drupal security

Drupal has proven to be one of the very secure content management systems to work on and web security is indeed taken seriously by the Drupal community.

28 Aug 2015
drupal epublishing

The benefits of online publishing are enormous no doubt and with the outreach of technology it only makes the written word easily accessible to target audiences. e-Publishing has gained immense popularity over traditional forms of publishing. However, such ground-breaking innovative solutions may be accompanied with a string of shortcomings that need to be addressed. In case of e-publishing, where some of its challenges could have disastrous ramifications on businesses, Drupal comes as a rescue to fix the unfixed.

06 Aug 2015
Drupal 8-Symfony

As they say, the only thing constant in life is “Change”. Same is true for software in an Enterprise. To improve Drupal and increase its adoption, the catalyst required is Symfony. The new upgrade of Drupal CMS i.e. Drupal 8 claims to deliver bigger and better applications with the incorporation of Symfony 2 Framework. The final aim is to beat the proprietary enterprise web solutions such as the ones provided by Adobe. 

27 Jul 2015
drupal migration services

While you may have already moved your existing site to Drupal- the dynamic, open-source website development platform, it is yet again time to make the shift. Having enjoyed the highly flexible application framework and the benefits of this enormously versatile Content Management System; it is only natural that you move on to your chosen version of Drupal. However the question faced by many, now, is whether to opt for Drupal 7 or 8. 

08 Jun 2015
full stack java script

Full-Stack Frameworks are ones that help us with the full stack development from the user interface till the data store.  At present, full stack frameworks play a very important role in creating Web Applications. Let’s find out how they are able to handle everything you need to build a complete web application. 

02 Jun 2015
javascript experts

'Full Stack JavaScript' as the term says is a development stack where all the components are written or worked with JavaScript. But why full stack JavaScript is gaining so much traction now? The answers lie in the way developers built web applications in past. 

29 May 2015
agile qa

The product managers used to joke about the waterfall method that we asked our IT vendor to grow a banana tree and after three months, we got a mango tree, that too after delays. Agile solved this problem through continuous integration and the faster delivery of production. Let’s see how it has changed the face of Quality Assurance in software engineering.

30 Apr 2015
what is devops
DevOps: Integration of Development, QA and Operations Production of IT Software solutions fast enough to meet the operational demands is one of the great challenges for rich business. DevOps is such a framework that is strong enough to withstand mass-production automations. Efficient deployment and utilization of DevOps can help business to perform fast-paced prototyping, testing, and delivery while maintaining high quality standards. With all these benefits of DevOps, a large number of organizations classify themselves as DevOps businesses and many of them are on their way to become DevOps businesses.
17 Apr 2015

"Driving innovation and lowering costs??  That is a lot of pressure.  The solution for it is the Cloud.  Increased strategic quickness, short time for deployment, lower risk and costs – the advantages of cloud computing are really convincing. By implementing cloud solutions, business can decrease total costs and transition from a fixed cost configuration to a variable one while releasing critical IT resources for planned ingenuities and innovation."

13 Apr 2015

Drupal is a diverse community with interests spanning across the continents. And DrupalCon brings together these thousands of people from across the globe who use, develop, design, and support Drupal.  Let’s find out who all are attending DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015….

24 Mar 2015

JavaScript is the backbone of modern web applications. In the last couple of years, the world of UI development has evolved rapidly and JavaScript has become one of the most used programming languages till date. Let’s explore the power of this expressive language which helps us build the most beautiful user interfaces on web and mobile.

17 Feb 2015
drupal cms
Drupal has a ‘behaviors’ system to provide a modular and better way for attaching JavaScript functionality to place elements on a page.  Drupal Behaviors allows you to override or extend the existing behavior. Find out how this Drupal core functionality helps.
16 Feb 2015
Drupal Migration

Fed up with the same console and theme? Or want to go in for added features with the same user friendly design? Then it is time to migrate your existing site to Drupal, as it is a widely used, open-source website development platform that helps in building high quality online content and user communities where Drupal powers some of the world’s busiest websites such as World Economic Forum and Whitehouse.gov. 

27 Jan 2015

Drupal is an excellent platform for websites with dynamic content, media files and social presence. However, with Headless Web in buzz, the future possibilities are changing fast; making Drupal more powerful and capable. Let’s find out how Headless Drupal can transform your digital experience?

02 Jan 2015

Software offshoring though sounds luring due to attractive rates and abundant resource pool; but it is a tough nut to crack for the technology companies’ decision makers especially if they are not aware about the rules of the game. In this blog Faichi’s CEO and Founder has addressed those offshoring issues and proposing ways to resolve them. Find out how…

26 Nov 2014

The older versions of Drupal had few feature limitations such as saving entities, restriction of field systems, etc. With Drupal 8, the entry of Entity API along with the fieldable entities has made things simpler and more flexible in the Drupal series. 

14 Nov 2014
drupal cms

Thinking about making an interactive website for your business or building an online community for your business? A Content Management System (CMS) i.e. a web application to manage and structure website content by the end users is the answer to your need.

05 Nov 2014
Drupal 8

Drupal 8- a rising star in the world of open source technology. It aims to build the next gen digital experiences in the content management and social publishing space. Let’s find out how it fits the grid of enterprise requirements.

10 Oct 2014

There is a lot of buzz going on for upcoming Drupal version i.e. Drupal 8. In this blog, I will help you upgrade PHP version on your OpenSuse to run Drupal 8 smoothly.

19 Sep 2014
Drupal Commerce

Drupal is one of the most flexible (and powerful) CMS platforms around. Drupal Commerce stands on the shoulders of that to provide powerful ecommerce solutions. There are thousands of websites till date which have been built using Drupal Commerce. So what are the reasons for which people are adopting this new platform?

25 Aug 2014
Interface Builder

After decades of developing codes in various languages, using various technologies for several business domains, few software engineers realized that there are certain common traits of algorithms, common problems and common solutions. Analysis of these commonalities resulted in emergence of Design Patterns. This blog is about the MVC design pattern explained with reference to Struts framework as used in Java Web Applications.

15 Jun 2014
Drupal 8

It’s been almost 3 years since the last major release of Drupal and over 1,700 contributors are slogging to build the next iteration, Drupal 8. Drupal 8 is one of the greatest enchantments of Drupalers. With its transcendent 200 new features and improvements it will win you over!

03 Jun 2014
Drupal Con Austin 2014

Drupal is a diverse community with interests spanning across the continents. And the place where they all come together to celebrate the spirit of Drupal is DrupalCon. Let’s find out who all came to DrupalCon Austin this time….

29 May 2014
Test NG Factory Methods

TestNG is a testing framework designed to simplify a broad range of testing needs, from unit testing to system testing. Here, in this blog I am going to describe Factory methods in TestNG for QA professionals.

02 May 2014
Real Job

In the Google era, the techies practice the art of copy paste. But to get hired at Faichi Solutions, you have to be a creator and not a copier. So, do you have it in you?

25 Apr 2014
Big Data

The world is going gaga over the term “Big Data”. Everyday we see uber-long articles acknowledging how big data is going to change the analytics arena and how it’s the next thing in technology world. So if you came late to the party and searching for what exactly Big Data means, then here is an interesting Infographic to get you started.

21 Apr 2014
Automated Selenium Testing TesNG

This blog will take you on a journey to Selenium world. I will talk about choosing framework for QA test automation using Selenium WebDriver. Further I have given instance of few Selenium test cases written using TestNG and how to integrate them with one of the build tool – Ant.

14 Apr 2014
Drupal Theming Using Templates

When you are doing module development, your theme hooks, and all magical stuff in Drupal, your browser cannot read PHP. So does that mean you have to now write HTML for every single form and page you design? The answer is a BIG fat NO…. Because you have Templates!

28 Mar 2014
project management

There is a famous saying – “A group of team members without a project manager is like a cricket team without a captain.” Project Management is an indispensable function for business and is used as a means of achieving strategic objectives. Let’s find out how….

21 Mar 2014
Faichi Solutions

Choosing a vendor for product development or offshoring can be overwhelming. CTO’s, Engineering Managers and Product managers are frustrated with slow deliveries, quality of resources, attrition and escalations in cost estimations. Amidst of this, here is Faichi Solutions, a service provider with fresh ideas & collaboration in mind, committed to offer you a pleasant outsourcing experience.

12 Mar 2014
IT Support Services

This blog is about how to provide IT support as a managed service and at what levels an organization can provide the effective Customer service / support to help the clients and their end users.

04 Mar 2014
10 advance Git commands

If you want to track your project code daily using Git, these advance commands will come in handy

01 Mar 2014
Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails, another buzz word in our techie world, but how many people really know what it means. This blog will answer the four basic questions for those who are curious to know or getting started with ROR.

21 Feb 2014
drupal alfresco integration

On one end there is Drupal, one of the most powerful CMS based on PHP. And on the other end is Alfresco, one of the best content repositories based on Java. Now what if they come together?

20 Feb 2014

The Drupal team of Faichi recently participated in a popular event for techies i.e. GNUnify 2014 at Symbiosis (SICSR), Pune. A two day event on 14th & 15th Feb. that covered most loved topics for techies i.e. cloud computing open source, mobile development and web technologies.

20 Feb 2014
Gnunify 2014 - Faichi

After Faichi Drupal team successfully helped in organizing ‘Drupal in a day’ at Drupal camp Mumbai, we extended it to Drupal Hackathon in GNUnify 2014 with Pune Drupal Group. The idea was to mentor new tech folks on Drupal learning curve.

18 Feb 2014
Agile Innovation Games

Humans love Games and Agile is all about people. Any problem situation or analysis can be easily worked out in fun way when it is interactive and competitive. That’s what Agile Innovation Games is all about. So let’s play!

15 Feb 2014
Agile Scrum Methodology

Many Project Managers talks about Agile and wish to adopt Scrum Methodology for their organization. But their efforts fall flat when they face team resistance. Find out how to overcome these hurdles in Scrum adoption for a smooth take off.

12 Feb 2014
Your checklist for Agile/Scrum methodology

Everyone is going crazy about Agile in technology world, but can someone explain in simple words what is it all about and how it helps. In this blog, we have tried to explain what REALLY Agile/ Scrum methodology is at its core.