15+ points to evaluate TeleHealth tool

It’s been an interesting ride building Healthcare products for different clients (from Startups to Enterprises). Lately, most of the end-customers of these healthcare products have been asking for telehealth features. There are tons of video solutions out there, heck there is a large conference organized twice a year (ATA-American Telemedicine Association). Which solution to choose is the biggest question in front of almost all companies trying to implement effective and sustainable telehealth programs/products. We, at Faichi, went through the same dilemma when we started our due diligence process for a client few years ago. Thankfully, the options were less back then. Now, there is almost a new telehealth solution being funded every month. Needless to say there are many more that are not being funded and yet have good features.

During the due diligence process, our team articulated few line items which would map into the requirement of the targeted product. Sharing a list which was created by Vivek Gupta, it is a living list (keeps varying based on the requirement):

Features evaluated are -

15 points to evaluate Telehealth tool


We evaluated and continue to evaluate more telehealth solutions for our clients. To name a few, we evaluated: Vidyo, VSEE, Zoom.us, WebEx, OpenTok, Google Hangout, Jitsi meet (open source).

As mentioned above, the requirements vary from product to product. For e.g. a product offering for physio-therapy via live video, the number of participants is not more than 3. A totally different example will be delivering telemental session across a group of 50 participants. Solution for above examples would need two different video tools to cater to their needs.

We distributed healthcare products leveraging telehealth into three segments:

  • Pre hospitalization (e.g. Wellness apps, Physio Therapy, )
  • During hospitalization (e.g. ICU, consultant, )
  • Post hospitalization (e.g. population health types of products)

With reimbursement laws pushing telehealth adoption, all three segments are looking to add video capabilities to enhance patient care anywhere-anytime. Our experts have learnt, in a hard way, to integrate telehealth into clinical workflows.

We at Faichi Solutions are geared to provide technical support and accelerate your goals to achieve telehealth adoption. Our proven telehealth framework is designed to quickly integrate into your clinical operations. We help you to identify, evaluate and implement the right telehealth platform based on your business need.


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