3 D's of Product Development

Recently, was in a call with the CEO of a healthcare product who was looking to scale his existing product. During his due diligence process, he wanted to check on the depth of Faichi's product engineering skills. Needless to say, we were validating our hunch and check-list to arrive at a decision.


Product Development


How are needs brought to life in a product? It is a usual question asked across conversations. The answer to this question starts by identifying the "Need". If it's an existing product used by end-consumers, the need is hopefully being addressed. If it is still on the whiteboard, then the "need" needs to be understood (assuming it’s already been defined) and discussed in as many details as possible.

The process of translating Needs to Feature in a product has three steps:

  1. Needs are analyzed to Discover "insights" of the user/ group/ domain/ industry.
  2. Insights help in designing (Design) "concepts".
  3. Concepts are validated and then delivered (Deliver) as a feature into a product.

The three D's of product development i.e. Discover, Design, and Deliver aid in transforming a need into a product or a feature in a product. As a product matures, the 3 D's are implemented in an iterative process. While I have stated product development process, the important thing to track is the progress throughout the process.

Looking forward to your thoughts on what works for you during the product development process. For those who are looking to build a product or looking to scale, happy to learn and share!


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