Apple addressing Quadruple Aim in Healthcare?

With recent news from Apple on acquiring companies and talent (shared below), it seems they want its users to be totally dependent on iOS devices. Having that said, increasing the stickiness factor is not going to be that easy.

Let’s quickly take a look at Apple’s recent acquisitions:



So, does Quadruple Aim fit into Apple’s roadmap? Before I go there, let's understand what is Quadruple Aim. IHI (Institute for Healthcare Improvement) defined Triple Aim measure, the objective was to deliver care to address three points:

  1. Improving the health of population 

  2. Reducing the per capita cost

  3. Improving the patients' experience of care


However, there was a missing element in the care continuum i.e. Satisfaction of the Provider. With this fourth element, Improved provider satisfaction, Triple Aim was transformed into Quadruple Aim for Healthcare. Improve health at lower cost for the population through preventive, coordinated, and evidence-based care.


Improve provider experience

Focusing only on Patients, being consumers, will not improve the quality of care. Providers are, and will always be an integral part of Healthcare. AI and ML are tools to augment and enhance their productivity. As @Rasu Shrestha (Chief Innovation Officer, UPMC) puts it, "Health & health care is too human a notion for #AI alone to cure it".

Engaging patients to improve quality of care is a given, the questions is, How? Mobile, wearables, and personalized apps are perhaps the only way. Which apps are relevant (there are thousands of apps on the App store), the one which is brought in by the patient or the one suggested by the Provider?

To improve the adoption and maximize the use of Apple devices, they introduced “Genius Bar”. Should Provider then shortlist a few apps and let patient learn through the apps at a “Health Bar” or “H Bar” or something more useful (made up names while writing this blog)? 

Adoption of apps by Patients have increased significantly, however, the same can’t be said for Providers. The reason is, Providers are expected to do a lot of stuff (MACRA, and more) and learning through a new app would be the last one on their list of priorities. Apps should be easy to use and we all know there are very few apps which are intuitive for Providers to use.



Making life easier for the Providers is utmost important to include in them in the process of Quadruple aim.

What do you think?

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