Building TeleHealth product using decoupled Drupal 8

Telehealth companies have improved overall access to care, in a much cost-effective, convenient and efficient way. A new emphasis on telehealth involves delivery of behavioral or mental health services by a healthcare professional that are not provided in-person.

There is a huge unmet need to treat mental health, and telehealth is an apt solution. It enables patients and doctors to connect remotely. The need was to quickly build telehealth product which enables multiple users to engage across devices and/or browsers.

Drupal 8's decoupled architecture has been leveraged to integrate with third party systems. Video (non-WebRTC), text/ email messaging, billing, insurance, and prescription tools have been integrated within this telehealth platform.

healthcare and drupal


The following features can be incorporated into the product:

  • iOS mobile and iPad app
  • Seamless video experience, with ability to add friends, family, etc. on the go
  • Real-time insurance eligibility and verification
  • Billing feature with payment gateway and payment policies
  • Secure messaging between patient and providers

Are you looking to build Healthcare product/ platform? Reach out to us at to know more about:

  • Why did we choose Drupal 8?
  • Challenges faced
  • Addressing HIPAA compliance
  • Products scalability


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