Drupalcon Asia is here

The journey for Drupalcon Asia 2016 to be held in Mumbai has begun. This is going to be the first ever Drupalcon Asia and Mumbai has the opportunity to host it. 
Entire Drupal community is clearly very excited about it especially all Drupal India community members are highly inspired. We are expecting numerous Drupal 8 sessions during this Drupalcon and also some of the cutting-edge technologies to be a part of this.
We as a team have been working towards creating various sessions that we can present in Drupalcon. We started with making the list of all the sessions we can create and present. Over time, with multiple rounds of discussions, rebuttals and iterations; narrowed it down constructive and educational sessions.
Then began the process of researching into these topics, trying them out and giving demonstrations to other team members. It is inspiring to see the team members from various different sessions being active contributors in all other sessions as a whole. We believe that the knowledge shared is knowledge earned. We could literally see this happening during the preparation phase for the sessions we shortlisted. We are happy to share that during the preparation phase we as a team learnt a lot about various different technologies within and outside Drupal that we indeed may not have explored in our day to day work.
We have proposed two sessions that are specifically focused around Drupal 8. One of them is about DevOps, configuration management in Drupal 8 and another one covers performance and the front end in Drupal 8. Apart from these, there are around four sessions about Drupal with other technologies around the world such as Raspberry Pi, GraphQ, Bigpipe and Isomorphic Javascript. Researching and learning about these technologies and how Drupal has been or can discretely be a part of this has given a wider perspective about technology.
Moreover, one of the sessions we have proposed is about how Drupal migration can be expedited with the help of an automation script. We created this script a few months back, tested it to carry out various migrations and were happy to see significant savings in time and effort. We plan to continue working on it and make it even more scalable and robust.
The complete journey of finalizing the sessions, researching about them and working on them has been a great learning experience for whole of the team and we can’t wait to go ahead and present the selected sessions. We hope this Drupalcon will be a great experience for all the attendees.
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