HIMSS 2018 - Health Information Exchange, Interoperability & Data Integration

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is all set for its 2018 conference from March 5th to 9th at the Venetian, Palazzo, Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. Faichi  Solutions (a Saksoft company) has been a regular at the past HIMSS conferences, and it’s the same this year as well. We are geared up, anticipating, and excited to be a part of HIMSS 2018 as well.  What To Expect

HIMSS 2018 will explore many aspects of technology in healthcare, such as the role of CMS in Medicare and Medicaid, global insights into innovation in Digital Health, and the role of telemedicine at NASA among other interesting topics.


HIMSS 2018


The interoperability session will explore the aspects of information exchange and interoperability, such as consumer engagement, strategy and sustainability, enhanced quality and cost reduction, and many more. It will discuss the methods of making it a practical possibility on all scales, local to national.


Details about the session

Date & Time: Tuesday, March 6th from 8:30 am - 9:30 am

Venue: Las Vegas - Venetian Convention Center - Palazzo K

Speaker: Seema Verma, Administrator, Centers for Medicaid and Medicare


How Faichi Contributes to Interoperability and Data Integration

Faichi Solutions (a Saksoft company) offers a range of data integration services for effectively optimizing interoperability, bringing more efficiency to a clinician’s workflow, and augmenting patient-caregiver interaction;  which is also the highlight of HIMSS  interoperability session.

Our EHR integration services are provided by an experienced team of experts in EAI platforms like BizTalk, Ensemble, Mirth, Validic, etc. and integrated 3rd party solutions like Athena, AllScripts, NextGen, Epic, and more.

Faichi develops and design customized, point-to-point interfaces for healthcare organizations  that enable enhanced patient care and optimize workflows by bolstering seamless exchange of medical data. We also utilize Enterprise Application Integration technology, consolidating it with the latest medical devices or wearable innovations to fetch patient data and integrate it with the interfaces or applications.

The HIMSS conference aims to bring like-minded people together to discuss the latest challenges, innovations, and possibilities in healthcare management. Faichi Solutions (a Saksoft company) aims to be one of the solutions!

HIMSS 2018
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