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Healthcare industry is leveraging innovative technology solutions to improve patient's experience across the care continuum.

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Governments and its regulatory authorities have ensured a perfect balance between the adoption of technologies in healthcare and privacy of patient information.

In spite of such significant technology advancement, many hospitals, clinics, and other care providing institutions are still using the age-old method of clipboards and paper forms for patient registration.

Digitizing patient intake forms (a.k.a information or registration forms) is important, and it is being addressed in multiple ways:

  1. Document scanners convert paper forms into web forms (e.g. Compulark)
  2. Digital pen with infrared scanner reads handwritten content while it is being written (e.g. Notable Systems)
  3. Web forms, rolled out by CMS, customized for enhanced user-experience (e.g. Faichi Solutions' Patient Intake Management)

We, at Faichi Solutions, are offering free distribution (a.k.a distro) of Patient intake forms for Hospitals and Clinics on Drupal WebCMS (i.e. their website or internal portals should be deployed on Drupal). Currently, it supports Drupal 7. By DrupalCon Baltimore, we will release them for Drupal 8 version (end of April).

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Benefits of using Digital Patient Intake forms:

  • Physicians will have time to prepare before the appointment (will get them time to research the history and background of the patient)
  • Resolve any insurance issues ahead of time
  • Reduce data capture errors and validate (data is sometimes lost during the scanning process)
  • Multiple ways for Patients to enter their info and keep it secured (i.e. Mobile phone, Website, and similar)
Patient Intake Management
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