Silver lining in the delay of Drupal 8 release

Generally the delay of any product or platform directly affects its eco-system and the businesses and revenues revolving around it. 

However, if it is a community driven open source platform (e.g. Drupal), there cannot be a single person who can be held responsible and accountable for the delay. In case of Drupal, the community has taken around 5 years in releasing version 8 (33% of its total existential life). Although there are significant new features and updates in this latest release, however, 5 years is a significantly long time for a release. In such times, what should the businesses do: they can either fold or diversify or innovate.
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In the recently concluded DrupalCon Barcelona, there were two presentations showcasing what companies are doing differently. Many Drupal shops (companies offering professional services) are being affected by the delay in release of Drupal 8 (acknowledged by Dries Buytaert in his Keynote) as they are unable to cross-sell / up-sell more services.
This kind of environment is a prime candidate for consolidation or Innovation. Numerous Drupal shops have taken the route of Innovation and Disruption to sustain during down time and potentially scale once they cross the chasm. 
Following companies and many more are building tools and frameworks which will enable them with predictable revenue in near and long term:
Acquia (2 days ago, secured Series G with $55 mil) acquia-partner-logo_0_3.png
Pantheon   Pantheon-Logo-Black-2000x800.png platform.png
Drupalize podcast-drupalize_me_0.jpg
Faichi Solutions (migration automation, multi-site creation, multi-mobile app creation) FaichiNew_Logo.png
Provonix  AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKaAAAAJGMyNTcxZWZmLTQ1NDAtNGNiNC1iOTYwLWFjNGE1MWZlZWU4ZQ.png Alternative text Align None Left Center Right Caption
Bright Solutions  brightsolutions.png
Kalabox  logo_horizontal_tagline.png

With web and mobile content growing at a rapid pace there is no doubt about WebCMS market growing multi-folds. With features in Drupal 8, when it gets released, it is going to be widely adopted by Enterprises. Till that time, more companies will jump in to innovate and disrupt the WebCMS space.

There will be a huge spike after Drupal 8 release. 


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