Single view of patient: Beyond clinical data integration

Faichi SingleView solution provides a holistic, 360-degree view of patients. It effortlessly consolidates your business information in to single view, which will empower physicians and care providers to deliver the highest quality of patient care and enable enhanced clinical health outcomes.

Healthcare providers understand the importance of a consolidated view of their patient’s health records for providing high-quality care. Even with sophisticated EHR implementations, healthcare providers do not have a single, consolidated view of patient information across hospital and geographical boundaries, in a quick and cost-effective manner.
Creating a single view of patient goes beyond basic systems of data integration, which has always been a priority for healthcare institutions and hospitals. Several patterns of application Integration are typically used to interconnect hospital data silos, either by direct integration or through interface engines. This enables exchange of information, but the data still reside in their silos without any overarching, consolidated view across such silos. Also, traditional approaches to single view solutions have their own challenges around scalability, elimination of geographical boundaries and the ability to handle new types of data, produced by an ever-changing and growing range of systems and consumer devices. 
For the healthcare industry, it is all about patients. At the core of their information universe, lies the patient. In order to improve patient outcomes, the providers need to fully know and understand the patient, and based on this understanding, be able to proactively manage the patient. This results in improved patient and financial outcomes.
Healthcare providers are desperately looking out for a solution that will enable them to achieve these outcomes in a cost-effective manner, without resorting to building complex integration architectures. Faichi provides the much-needed solution.
Faichi SingleView is an inherently flexible and an easily scalable information aggregation and consolidation solution. It has the ability to ingest data from diverse sources and present as a single view. Data can be easily sourced from EHRs, bespoke systems, all sorts of wearable consumer devices, etc.  
single view of patient


Fig1: Faichi SingleView schematic
Below are a few salient features of Faichi SingleView: 
  1. Ability to accommodate new and varied data sources quickly
  2. Templated data models that can be easily extended
  3. Information accessible through REST APIs and a web front-end
  4. Single source of information for analytics use cases
  5. Secure and customizable access control
Faichi Solutions LLC is a technology company based out of Sunnyvale-California, with deep expertise in developing innovative healthcare solutions. 
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Single patient view
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