Release minimum viable product using Drupal 8

    PHP frameworks are typically used to build a product/ application quickly against a Java or .NET stack. Headless Content Management Systems, such as Drupal 8, gives a paradigm shift to create and release Minimum Viable Product (MVP) quickly.

    Headless CMS, e.g. Drupal 8, gives that robustness of using AngularJS/ EmberJS (and similar) to enhance the CX (end user experience/ customer experience).

    5 lessons learned while assisting Healthcare startups

    In the first 4 years of operations, we had worked with a Population health product which was pivoted from a Wellness product, a Patient Management product, and a Health Management platform. In the last 18 months, we have worked/ working on two TeleHealth products, another Population health, a Behavioral Health, and two Health Management products.


    healthcare startups


    Patient Intake Management - Open sourced

    Governments and its regulatory authorities have ensured a perfect balance between the adoption of technologies in healthcare and privacy of patient information.

    In spite of such significant technology advancement, many hospitals, clinics, and other care providing institutions are still using the age-old method of clipboards and paper forms for patient registration.

    Digitizing patient intake forms (a.k.a information or registration forms) is important, and it is being addressed in multiple ways:

    5 roles every Healthcare startup needs

    While working with startups at different stages, have interacted with CEOs, CTOs, SMEs, Product Managers, Engineering Managers, Professional Services team members, and Support groups. All of them play an important role to make sure the products are successful. Following are the roles across different stages of the product: Ideator, Researcher, Customer Acquirer, Scaler, and Sustainer.

    3 Solutions for Healthcare Products

    In the recent past, while interacting with prospects and customers, realized that Healthcare products (funded or otherwise) are looking to add new features and they want them ASAP. Would a solution / framework help in adding new features? If someone researches details (e.g. sub-features, workflows, integration) around the features and how those get integrated with other sub or external system, that will help in reducing time to market. Based on those discussion, a long list of possible solutions / frameworks, was created.

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