Business Intelligence & Quality Reporting

Healthcare companies now deal with massive amount of data. With unprecedented, clinical, operational and financial data showing promise of intelligence, and with the proliferation of data sources including mobile and IoT devices and sensors, payers and providers face the immense challenge of collating and managing data, and reaping insights from mountains of healthcare-related data. Business intelligence and reporting is at the core of finding answers to the most critical healthcare questions, manage data and leverage data-led intelligence to improve patient experience and care, and reduce operational and medical costs.

We help healthcare payers and providers embrace data-driven culture, augment data collection, reporting and business intelligence to transform patient care, harmonize operations and reduce operational costs. Faichi’s business intelligence and reporting service guide payers, providers and healthcare organizations to leverage intelligence-driven decisions to achieve better margins, acquire satisfied patients and improve overall healthcare performance. Our BI practice is singularly focused on helping patients, providers and payers make more sense of their data, helping our customers with actionable intelligence and help them make better healthcare decisions. 



  • Consulting around information management, data exchange and data governance best practices for healthcare
  • EDW architecture and design leveraging leading healthcare data models
  • Payer & provider quality metrics and data quality rules (CMS, HEDIS, P4P, ACO, HCC, MIPS, and MACRA etc.)
  • Rich portfolio of BI and advanced analytics frameworks including for readmissions, LoS, identifying high risk patients etc. 
  • Real-time reporting, clinical dashboards and performance optimization, clinical decision support systems and disease management system
  • Build big data systems using Hadoop, NoSQL, real time processing etc. to help drive real time analytics, streaming analytics, ML and more 
  • Leverage big data to get a 360⁰ view of the patient’s history aggregating, parsing and managing disparate source data
  • Develop Benchmarking and Scorecard, clinical, operational, financial and billing dashboards

Our Work

iOS App for Healthcare


  • Web based, online accessibility and modifiability  by an administrator (MD and or RN) assignment to RN’s Doc’s, Office managers, etc. in real time
  •  Auto…
Incentive tracking app for a Healthcare Customer


  • Development of an Incentive tracking  web application for a Dentalcare customer
  • Handling end-to-end development which includes UI/UX development, Design,…
Digital Care Management Platform with EHR Integration


  • Creation of the digital care management platform  consisting of web app, iOS front end, integrations with EHRs, Registration processes for the wellness & CCM…

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