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Client creates several websites for the diverse markets they serve like hospitality, beauty, healthcare etc. Number of sites was growing so they were looking for a faster yet high quality custom solution for rapid Site Development so that they don’t have to create every website from scratch.



  • Rapid development and reduced deployment time for scalability.
  • Once the new site is created using this framework, custom development per site is limited to only theming and new requirements. This saves time and money in the long term, as well as improves the quality of releases.
  • Future upgrades to the sites are easier since we use central repository & Drupal contributed modules as much as possible rather than custom code.
  • Ensures code reusability.
  • Easy & Low cost maintenance.

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Customer Speaks

CEO and Co-founder

"We were looking for a partner and not just a vendor and Faichi understood that well."

Founder and CEO

"Faichi developed a basic idea into something fantastic!

VP, Information Services

"Faichi provided a solution for us to accomplish the work in the anticipated time and budget.

Director Software Engineering, HighWire Press

“It's surely great to be up on green hopper and have a clear list of tasks and our 1st burn down

System Software Developer, HighWire Press

“Faichi has done such a great job of converting all the code over to the new version and they  al

Sr. Director Engineering

" We chose Faichi for variety of reasons, above all their responsiveness.

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