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  • Product idea  i.e. platform to spread happy messages and appreciations in online social space, needs to be converted into a fully functional  web application
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) needs to be launched with limited infrastructure.
  • Short time to market.



  • Complete ownership of technology, design/architecture and hosting/deployment platform.
  • Development of the product using Python, Google App Engine and Heroku deployment platform.
  • Dedicated team to build a platform using Python, Django and delivered features iteratively and in a short time span.
  • Beta version launched:

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Customer Speaks

CEO and Co-founder

"We were looking for a partner and not just a vendor and Faichi understood that well."

Founder and CEO

"Faichi developed a basic idea into something fantastic!

VP, Information Services

"Faichi provided a solution for us to accomplish the work in the anticipated time and budget.

Director Software Engineering, HighWire Press

“It's surely great to be up on green hopper and have a clear list of tasks and our 1st burn down

System Software Developer, HighWire Press

“Faichi has done such a great job of converting all the code over to the new version and they  al

Sr. Director Engineering

" We chose Faichi for variety of reasons, above all their responsiveness.

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