As payers and providers grapple with constant changes, evolving regulations, new and innovative business models, there is a growing need to use transformative technologies to build a future-ready enterprise, transform patient experience and reduce healthcare costs. Leveraging cloud technologies, healthcare organizations turn their focus on cloud-based applications to foster improved patient experience and care, enhanced visibility, secured information access and lower costs.

Cloud Environment

Whether it is the need to address member enrollment challenge for payers or medical data storage of the providers, Faichi helps payers and providers take advantage of cloud solutions to optimize operations, facilitate personalized patient care, enhance outcomes and improve customer experience, as well as support HIPAA-compliant cloud environment. 

At Faichi, we adopt best practices to build healthcare solutions on cloud, facilitate cloud migration and assure agility through cloud engineering. Our QA specialists bring their expertise to the forefront to ensure that healthcare companies assure quality of cloud-ready products. Faichi has the ability to deliver highly scalable and advanced analytics focused solutions on in a cloud environment significantly reducing deployment, infrastructure and management costs for healthcare organizations:

  • Develop high availability and multi-tenancy solutions on AWS and Azure platforms
  • Build and operate environments and solutions to meet HITRUST, HITECH, and HIPAA requirements
  • Migrate legacy/on premise applications to the cloud
  • Management and monitoring cloud based infrastructure patching and upgrade of components etc.

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