Healthcare is going digital to embrace good experience for the patient. Hospitals, clinics, and care providers are managing huge amount of information in terms of healthcare records, reports billing information, etc. With so much information communicated among different users, a Content Management System brings order to your healthcare ecosystem.
Faichi’s CMS Solution for Healthcare helps you streamline your entire healthcare practice. The solution helps you manage content and documents in all the stages of patient’s care cycle right from Patient Intake to Pre-Op and Post-Op services.
Some features of the solution are:
  • Faichi’s ready to use framework for rapid implementation
  • User roles and permissions setup, ensures users accesses only relevant information. It also ensures spending more time on providing care
  • Physicians and administrators can easily and quickly search for all information about a patient which ensures enhanced productivity 
  • HIPAA compliant solution caters to all mandatory regulatory compliances
  • Proactively displays audit history on each document that has been added (ensuring increased security)
  • With many existent hooks, it is easy to integrate this solution with other systems such as EHR, DMS, etc.
  • Enhanced and intuitive UI ensures care providers spend less time on paperwork and software and more on patient care and value added activities.
Faichi’s CMS for Healthcare solution results in increased efficiency and improved patient care and satisfaction.