Custom Module Development

module development

Looking for a custom functionality for your website that is not met with existing Drupal modules?

A custom module significantly enhances your website’s functionality. It enables you to design a workflow or functionality the way you want it to be. Drupal’s large community has more than 34000 contributed modules. To meet the given requirement Faichi’s engineers customize an existing contributed module or create one from scratch if need be.  

We are proficient in building custom Drupal modules ranging from simple functionalities to complex ones as per your requirements. We understand your business needs and provide custom configured Drupal modules to help manage content seamlessly.

Our Drupal experts have created the following custom Drupal modules:


Top custom modules which makes us proud:

For Third Party Integrations

Benefit - A module with third party integration of services provided by CozyGames (Nuceus Service) to show casino games in Jcarousel slider.

Benefit - A module with third party integration of services provided by CozyGames (Nuceus Service) to show logs and winners’ lists for various games.

Benefit - A module with third party integration of services provided by CozyGames (Nuceus Service) to show bingo games schedule.

  • Module: Extend_nucleus casino
  • Module: Landmark bingo winners
  • Module: Landmark bingo schedule
For Finance

Benefit – Implementation of third party integrations for - Alliance Data, CareCredit and Fortiva for loan processing. (This includes ctools panel plug-ins)

Benefit - Module for settlement file generation for per day financial transactions.

  • Module: Financing
  • Module: Financing Settlement
For Video Solutions

Benefit: This module is used to display friend list, with the current status of the users.

Benefit: This module is used to establish a private video call between users.

Benefit: This module is used to initiate public video conference.

Benefit: This is a helper module used along with pvc module to manipulate pdf pages.

  • Module: Contact manager
  • Module: Video conference
  • Module: Pvc
  • Module: Docs viewer
For Social Network

Benefit: We have created Plugin using Ctools API for generating Skype Alias.

Benefit: User Wallet to keep his credentials and important information w.r.t password/username in the wallet.

  • Module: Skype Alias
  • Module: Wallet
For ePublishing

Benefit: After default user authentication, we called API to check the user authentication to the 3rd party.

Benefit: This citation manager creates a c-tools pane where developer can create custom format citation and assign it through the panel pane configuration.

Benefit: As we are using the Fast search, we have created the custom module to interact with it. We have created API to access the requested result.

Benefit: This 3rd party services which we integrated into our system where user can set the alerts for specific article.

  • Module: User Authentication
  • Module: Citation Management
  • Module: Fast Search Integration(Java based application)
  • Module: Alerts
For Media

Benefit: Earning Points by taking the Quiz

Benefit: Displays booking on property and get Redeem points on per nights.

Benefit: After booking for property get reward point on numbers of nights books

Benefit: Assign award on property based on date range set in award content type by admin.

Benefit: Get login on side using agent ID.

Benefit: Consumed web-service (Soap) in order to authenticate user.

  • Module: Quiz
  • Module: Booking
  • Module: Cash Reward Redemption
  • Module: Property Points
  • Module: 3rd party User authentication
  • Module: Famous Agent
Top three custom modules

Benefit: An extension of OAuth module, which allows to login using Agent ID for any Non Drupal Site automatically.

Benefit: Custom functionality is developed in Drupal to establish a private video call between the users using WebRTC, Node.js and Socket.IO libraries.

Benefit: This module is a revamp of current forgot password workflow available in Drupal. This module provides you easy workflow starting from identification of email address, email validation, new password, and success confirmation message.

  • 3rd party User Authentication
  • Video Conference
  • Password Reset (Proposed as Contributed Module in

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Before getting on with the actual topic of integrating Solr with Drupal 8, let us get the basics out of the way. What is Solr? 

PHP frameworks are typically used to build a product/ application quickly against a Java or .NET stack. Headless Content Management Systems, such as Drupal 8, gives a paradigm shift to create and release Minimum Viable Product (MVP) quickly.

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