Drupal for Higher Education

drupal for higher education

Digital is having an enormous impact on higher education. The conversation around digital is pivoting towards delivering incredible experience which results in deeper engagement with  students, faculty, and  community.

Drupal enables higher education institutions to deliver seamless experience across all their digital properties hence ensuring smooth and effortless administration.

Faichi proactively builds solutions that enable institutions to:

  1. Ensure security and stability of Drupal environments
  2. Manage campus sites centrally
  3. Enable site owners to manage their experience
  4. Ensure engagement by providing an experience uniquely suited to users’ needs
  5. Collaborate content by integrating with other systems such as Course Catalog , E-learning , Students Management,  etc.

Faichi assists education institutes with portal and product development. Our technology solutions for education institutes address both integration and mobile challenges. We also ensure complying with information privacy standards.

Our Offerings for Higher Education

Content Creation Workflow for Publishing

Framework for all the content creators, validators, publishers and managers to work collectively in synchronized manner towards content publishing.

Central Panel for Multichannel Publishing

A central dashboard for multi channel publishing that enables the administration team to manage the Content, Media and Users of multiple integrated websites and mobile apps. 

Our Work

Faichi Facilitating Migration for Hi-Tech Enterprises


  • Complex folder structures
  • No automatic backup facility
  • No mechanism to track the work done by content editors
  • Fetching data from…
New York’s exclusive Hotel Website features built in Drupal


To develop some features in the website Lexington.com, which describe the amenities and features offered by this hotel. Features can be enumerated as Booking Widget, Local…

California’s luxury apartments website fully developed in Drupal



To develop Unionflats.com from scratch to finish, describing the amenities and features offered by them. Sections are named as: Floor plans, Amenities, Gallery,…

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Google Maps has become an essential piece for looking up business or residential addresses. With a few clicks, users can look-up any location in the world. Moreover, businesses benefit from it, as it provides higher visibility and also gives users a perspective on what the surrounding areas are.…

Before getting on with the actual topic of integrating Solr with Drupal 8, let us get the basics out of the way. What is Solr? 

PHP frameworks are typically used to build a product/ application quickly against a Java or .NET stack. Headless Content Management Systems, such as Drupal 8, gives a paradigm shift to create and release Minimum Viable Product (MVP) quickly.

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