engagement model
Engagement Models

Engagement Models

Faichi offers multiple models of engagement which are flexible and are tailored to best suit the needs of our customers. All engagement models that we suggest are mastered over the years. We offer following engagement models:

Pricing Models

  • Fixed Bid / Milestone based billing model:

The scope and cost is fixed and known at the outset. It is ideal if project requirements and end result is clear. 

  • Time & Material (T&M) / Effort based billing model:

The cost depends on the total execution time of the project and the number of resources deployed. This is useful where the client is unsure of the execution time and when the requirements are complex or prone to change.

  • Cost-Plus Model:

The customer pays for actual salaries, overheads and profit margin. The Cost Plus model is ideal if the customer wants to define the project tempo, hire and retain a highly skilled team and avail a transparent pricing structure.

Our Work

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  • Requires handling of different Indian taxes calculation based on the product variations and…
Multi-tenant Solution for Manuscript Approval


  • Low performance of Old Jserve web server.
  • High cost of Weblogic app server licensing.
  • Limited support for concurrent users.
  • Scalability…
Hybrid Analog system and UI for Care Agents


  • Develop a hybrid analog system for chronic care patients who are not digital savvy and can’t provide data using the health application.
  • Build an independent…

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