Central Panel for Multichannel Publishing

Multichannel Publishing

Organizations these days are constantly in need of adding different types of content (text, image, audio, video, etc.) to multiple websites. Multi channel publishing of media assets (images, videos) and content is quite main stream. This is more prevalent across verticals like media, publishing, ecommerce, higher education, etc. 

It is difficult for administration team to manage the users and the content across multiple websites and mobile applications. A possible solution for admin team to manage their operations of multi-channel publishing is - Centralized Admin Panel.

Central Admin Panel empowers the administration to:

  • Manage multichannel publishing, un-publishing, archival of all the content spread across sites and apps 
  • Take control of all the users across different sites and apps centrally, and curate personalized content for them based on their content consumption across sites or apps
  • Enhance user experience for end-users by implementing single-sign-on for all the connected sites and apps

Media and publishing companies manage different sites and mobile applications to publish high volumes of content (news, videos, images, etc.) will benefit from this platform.  Even in higher education, single website is further integrated with multiple websites for different departments and software systems (learning management system, sports websites, academic information management systems, etc). In such cases, managing content and media from a single platform (centrally) significantly reduces administration cost, time, and effort. It also empowers better management of all software systems.

With Drupal 8’s out of the box headless publishing feature, API first publishing and REST web services in core, it provides right technology to quickly build this central admin panel.

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