Seamless Integration of EHR with other healthcare systems results in faster clinical decisions and improved quality of care. It empowers the providers with real time access to all medical records. It enables, in true sense, setting up a collaborative healthcare ecosystem.
Analytics provides insights for achieving better outcomes. It provides a comprehensive detail on clinical and operational efficiency by aggregating medical data from several source systems for meaningful care, it can be further extrapolated for building complex predictive algorithms and real time analytical models.
Faichi brings experience and expertise to build and enhance following solutions:
Health systems struggle with complexity and risk of human error when it comes to patient care. A complex healthcare system requires integrated EHR & other ancillary systems for smooth functioning. An interoperable HIT ecosystem ensure uninterrupted patient care. Information data points are necessary to achieve meaningful use and benefit from the incentives which come along with it.
Faichi provides the following Integration services, which enables you to improve care coordination to engage patients and their families:
  • Integration for Clinical and Operational Data Exchange using HL7, DICOM
  • Integration with Payers and Clearing house through EDI
  • Integration with wearable and medical devices
  • De-risk your software implementations by enabling turnkey EHR integration with any application you choose to work with.
  • Evaluate your interface needs with a focus on optimal data capture, placement of mission-critical elements and target users i.e. elderly patients, doctors, clinicians, admins, and care management agents.
  • Develop new ways of presenting information, such as disease-specific data visualizations to make it easy for physicians to access these within the context of their daily work in the EHR. 
  • Single Dashboard to access documentation, prescription or lab feedback. No need to log-on to EHR and three different applications to compare data.
  • Integrate Communication between doctor, patients and other care team members and route messages from the “hub” application with HL7 Interface development.
  • Build hybrid solutions for non tech savvy patient population with a complete workflow for text / SMS, calling, recording care plan summary and bill generation.
With Faichi, you will have complete management capabilities, the power of automation and finally the time to focus on the strategic initiatives that will improve patient care and create operational efficiencies while minimizing risk. Know more..
Clinical Reports & Dashboards
Quality information is a performance driver for care providers to ensure right services and proper care is provided to patients. Clinical reports & dashboards empower care providers with real-time operational and clinical intelligence. These dashboards capture and highlight the trends obtained from historical, current & predictive data and present it in a visual allowing care providers to focus on the right issues. You can partner with Faichi to build a customized reporting dashboard; we can also help you add the following features to your clinical report & dashboard systems.
  • Benchmarking and Scorecards Dashboard
  • Clinical and Operational Dashboard
  • Patients 360 Degree View
  • Financial and Billing Dashboard
  • Regulatory/CMS measures Dashboards (PQRS, HEDIS, P4P)
  • Case Mix and Resource Mix Index.
  • Multiple source utilization of existing database.
Analytical Rule Engine
Healthcare has significantly advanced over a period of time with built-in BI capabilities within EMR, EHR, LIS, CIS and other Healthcare IT systems. However, many organizations are challenged by lack of interoperability and struggle to transform data into meaningful information. System integration and the ability to access data across the organization help care providers & other stakeholders predict model and measure best practices. Faichi strongly believes that data-driven decision is the key to better health of patients served. Analytics play a significant role in improving clinical & operational effectiveness along with financial performance. In addition to your requirement Faichi can also add the following features to further enhance your rule engine.
  • Care provider & patient interaction analytics.
  • Analytics Solution for Diabetes Management
  • Real time analytics- Clinical decision support
  • Case management and Claims analytics.
  • Care planning & defining pathways.
  • Referral management.
  • Predictive analytics for Readmissions, High Risk Population, Bundled Payments.
  • Clinical data integration for population health management.