At Faichi, we handle multiple projects simultaneously and understand the importance of intellectual property of our customers. We provide IP security as an implicit and integral part of our offerings. It is indispensable to Faichi's long-term development strategy.
Levels of IP Protection
  • Contractual Agreements
    • Executes NDA to ensure confidentiality of all the customer information.
    • Undertake responsibility to prevent any re-engineering of the customer's products.
    • The customer and Faichi shall indemnify mutually against breach of any third party IP.
    • Executes NDA with its employees to ensure compliance with Faichi's IP protection regulations.
  • Culture

Faichi promotes a culture where individuals understand and respect the IP rights of the customers. We accomplish it through awareness programs and trainings and employee induction programs.

Confidentiality aspects in the following areas
  • Data Security
    • No storage media or cameras allowed
    • File transfer outside the company not permitted
    • Firewall system and log checking
    • Source code and other documents, are protected through version control system access.
  • Physical Security
    • 24/7 security personnel in the development facility
    • 24/7 power supply
    • Magnetic ID card authentication
    • CCTV Cameras
    • Access control, visitor log/visitor badge
  • Network Security
    • Secured, separate subnet for each client
    • VPN available between TMA and client
    • Firewall with integrated IPS (Intrusion Protection System)
    • Anti-virus software for all computers
    • Virus screening of all incoming and outgoing emails
    • Software is scanned for virus before delivery
    • Secure network for remote logins, cross-facility communications and customer connectivity.