Technology is disrupting existing engagement and operational models in Healthcare. With a shift from PFS to value based care, Providers and Payers need to re-design and optimize their IT systems. 
Challenges faced by healthcare payers and providers are due to:
  1. Legacy Systems
  2. Outdated/Ineffective IT Infrastructure
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. Integration challenges
  5. Overall adoption to new technology
Faichi’s expertise of developing cutting edge healthcare solutions equips our clients to solve challenges listed above. We ensure compliance and security aspects for all the projects.


Electronic Health Record Systems
EHR holds the key to transform healthcare IT systems. Deploying and integrating EHR solutions is not a cake walk, there are multiple challenges which need to be addressed. Challenges are related to cost, interoperability, data security, and patient centered care. Faichi provides following solutions to these challenges:
  • UX driven development which helps in increasing adoption, enhancing patient care, and ensuring compliance.
  • Integration with third party application helps in Interoperability (Interface Engines like Mirth Connect or similar EAIs)
  • Innovative digital solutions which enhances patient care and reduces overall healthcare cost.
  • Small to medium size EHR and TeleHealth providers can now enhance their product by adding Chronic care management features.
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Laboratory and Radiology Management Systems
Laboratory, Radiology, and Cardiology plays an important role in Patient Care, they provide diagnostic data and images. Volume of data generated by these systems is huge. Real time information needs to be sent to EHR and other hospital systems enabling better care for patient.
At Faichi we understand modern laboratory and Radiology workflows, we are well versed with different code sets like LOINC and SNOMEDCT. We are geared to address the following:
  • Integration of LIS with EHR- Using HL7 standards
  • HL7 interface with PACS
  • DICOM Message Exchange
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Reporting of Results
  • Image tracking
  • Billing integration and coding
Medication Management Systems
Faichi understand Medication Management or Pharmacy Systems are integral part of patient healthcare. They are best utilized when they seamless integrate with CPOE module and exchange medication orders (provides medication and dispensing orders management). At Faichi, we have experience in optimizing workflows and systems which provides zero medication error. We are geared to address the following:
  • Integration with EHRs
  • Medication Reconciliation 
  • Bar code technology for NDC scanning
  • eMAR- electronic medication administration records
  • Pharmacy Analytics- Medication Adherence and Drug Abuse
  • Reporting and Billing
  • Medicare Part D compliance
Medical Billing Solutions
With private health insurers, medical practitioners, and hospitals aiming to claim their bills, there is a need for an automated system to improve the process of verification and claims management. Faichi understands the entire Revenue cycle management process, starting from Patient Registration to discharge. We help our clients in building a robust system that ensures lesser denial and faster reimbursement. Some of our expertise around medical billing solutions:
  • Build Revenue Cycle Management System
  • Billing integration using HL7/EDI
  • Integration with Patient portal for self-pay bills
  • Claims processing
  • Bundled payment
  • Advance reporting dashboard
Practice Management Systems
Practice Management systems (PMS) requires seamless integration with EHRs and Payers. This will enable practices to manage day to day clinical operations, starting from Patient registration, Appointment Scheduling to Billing and discharge. We enable Physician to provide with actions and resources for smooth operations. At Faichi, we enable such systems with following features
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Insurance eligibility using EDI files 270-271
  • Billing and collection using EDI 837-835
  • Inventory control and tracking
  • Data Collection and analysis
  • Integration with Patient portal and EHR systems