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Mobility is now at the core of evolving health service delivery model. The ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ access that has come to stay has not only redefined patient experience but is also a must-have capability to promote personalized service delivery.  Healthcare mobility has grown into an absolute imperative to facilitate immediate and secure access to patient information, deliver patient education, and promote personalized experience and care.

With the patient and healthcare data from IoT and mobile devices and applications offering nuggets of wisdom to providers, payers and other healthcare organizations, healthcare companies focus on mining actionable insights from data to promote personalized care, real-time engagement, connected health care and transform patient experience. 

From building an integrated platform to leverage data from IoT devices and mobile devices to solutions covering member enrollment, patient monitoring, revenue management and claims processing, Faichi offers a wide range of mobility and IoT solutions and guides payers and providers embrace digital technologies led healthcare. We help you leverage mobile apps, intelligent devices and EMM to deliver the best experience for patients, providers and payers.




  • Large mobile and IoT development team well versed in device integration, device drivers etc. 
  • Design and develop consumer facing mobile apps with strong focus on building optimized UX/UIs, workflows and seamless integration
  • Build enterprise mobility, MDM etc. solutions
  • Leverage leading healthcare mobility APIs and developer toolkits
  • Mobility and IoT solutions provide real-time insights and improve overall patient care delivered

Our Work

iOS App for Healthcare


  • Web based, online accessibility and modifiability  by an administrator (MD and or RN) assignment to RN’s Doc’s, Office managers, etc. in real time
  •  Auto…
Incentive tracking app for a Healthcare Customer


  • Development of an Incentive tracking  web application for a Dentalcare customer
  • Handling end-to-end development which includes UI/UX development, Design,…
Digital Care Management Platform with EHR Integration


  • Creation of the digital care management platform  consisting of web app, iOS front end, integrations with EHRs, Registration processes for the wellness & CCM…

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Your watch can now alert the physician when you fall sick and need quick access to care. And if there is irregularity in your heart rhythms, wearable can detect that and alert a Telehealth provider.

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