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Offshore Development

Offshore Development Center

Faichi provides its customers with varied IT services at the Offshore Development Center (ODC) in Pune, India. These services include end to end product developmentapplication developmentquality assurance, and sustaining engineering. Each Faichi customer has a secure, dedicated and independent ODC. Our ODCs span across all verticals and technologies. 

State of the art infrastructure

  • IT Infrastructure developed and maintained as per industry standards.
  • 3 dedicated Internet Leased lines supporting load balancing and fail over.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS and Generator).
  • CCTV and Access control for physical security.
  • VPN for secured access to client environment as per the client needs.
  • Long distance / VoIP access to the engineering team for urgent/critical notifications.
  • Support for Webex, Instant Messenger, IRC like communication tools for direct and frequent communication with the clients.
  • Dedicated Project Management tool to track the project progress and provide status visibility to the customer.
  • Interactive training rooms and testing labs.
  • Disaster recovery procedure in place.
  • Maximum uptime for Infrastructure.
  • Protection against Malicious software and SPAM.
  • Support staff to provide services like Admin, Finance, HR, IT Infrastructure and Security.

Long-Term Benefits

  • Low cost of delivery
  • Faster turn around and quick time-to-market
  • Continuous improvement in productivity and quality of delivery
  • Flexible Ramp up as per the business demand
  • Create knowledge base and people with required skill set
  • Focus on core competency and business specific requirements

Our Work

Social Sharing App for a Technology Start-up


  • Product idea  i.e. platform to spread happy messages and appreciations in online social space, needs to be converted into a fully functional  web application
SCOM Plugin for Database Scalability Solution


  • Integration with Microsoft System Center for health and statistics monitoring of ScaleArc instances within user defined clusters. 


Desktop application for Ecommerce Marketplace in .Net


  • Client has a marketplace for buyers and sellers’ transactions.
  • Requires handling of different Indian taxes calculation based on the product variations and…

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