Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is crucial for good product experience and user satisfaction. At Faichi, our Quality Engineering (QE) process is responsible to verify and validate software applications; to comply with requirements, and meet the end business objective. QA at Faichi is integrated into the engineering process. We adopt automated Quality control process using Selenium and other tools for bug free output. The application development gets monitored at each milestone using quality gates. This helps to decide exit criteria and capture issues at initial stages.

Value Proposition

  • Specialize in GUI automation using open source tools.
  • Developed a robust framework ‘TestNG’ using Selenium Web Driver which can easily prepare automation scripts. 
  • This framework can be integrated with Sauce Labs for Cross Browser / environment testing as well as with Jenkins.
  • Apply automation scripts for mobile websites (Android/iOS).
  • Bug logging using project management tool i.e. Jira/Unfuddle/ Zilicus.
  • Mobile testing, Load & Performance testing, Responsive and cross browser testing on various platforms.

QA Tools

  • Test Management- QMetry, TestRail, Jira
  • Test Automation- Selenium, White, Qualitia
  • Performance & Load Testing- JMeter, SOASTA
  • Unit Testing- JUnit, QtTest

Our Work

Multi-tenant Solution for Manuscript Approval


  • Low performance of Old Jserve web server.
  • High cost of Weblogic app server licensing.
  • Limited support for concurrent users.
  • Scalability…
Hybrid Analog system and UI for Care Agents


  • Develop a hybrid analog system for chronic care patients who are not digital savvy and can’t provide data using the health application.
  • Build an independent…
Deal aggregator website for corporate clients


  • Customer needed an ecommerce portal to share the new sales deals  & offers  on sellers’ products  with the corporate buyers.
  • Require a corporate…

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