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3 things you should consider before migrating to Drupal 8 - Part 1

Drupal is among the most popular CMS’ and has been offering the community with several version updates. With Drupal 6 no longer being supported, by the Drupal Community, a huge amount of sites need to be migrated to Drupal 7 or 8, and quickly!

Given the significant changes in Drupal 8 structure, migrating from Drupal 6 or Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 is particularly challenging. But with all the hustle in the market, organizations often miss out on the basic aspects before updating their sites.

Release minimum viable product using Drupal 8

PHP frameworks are typically used to build a product/ application quickly against a Java or .NET stack. Headless Content Management Systems, such as Drupal 8, gives a paradigm shift to create and release Minimum Viable Product (MVP) quickly.

Headless CMS, e.g. Drupal 8, gives that robustness of using AngularJS/ EmberJS (and similar) to enhance the CX (end user experience/ customer experience).

Apartment Community website’s features developed using Drupal

Welcome Image


To develop some features in the website, facilitating description of the amenities and features offered by them. Features can be enumerated as Community Listing page, Multisite, Local area section in multisite, Floor Plans, Photos & Videos listing, Modern Living, Experiences & Events, Resources, Contact Us



Acquia reports huge growth in APAC

Digital experience company Acquia says it has significantly expanded its footprint in the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region.

The company have cited an unprecedented demand for their cloud and open source digital technology, high-profile enterprise deals and team expansions as drivers of growth.

With regional headquarters in Australia, Acquia’s team for APJ has grown to more than 80 people since launching in Sydney five years ago.

New York’s exclusive Hotel Website features built in Drupal

Welcome Image


To develop some features in the website, which describe the amenities and features offered by this hotel. Features can be enumerated as Booking Widget, Local Area, Images with multiple effects, Special offer page.



There are exclusive sections to check rooms, Dining, Meetings, and Wedding. All the information is added/updated as nodes via website manager.

Drupal patches critical access bypass flaw in engine core

Drupal has issued a security update which fixes a number of critical flaws in the website management platform's core engine.

On Thursday, Drupal, an open-source content management system (CMS) used by thousands to manage the back end of their websites, released the latest version of the firm's software, Drupal 8.3.7, to combat a number of vulnerabilities which could leave users exposed to attack.

California’s luxury apartments website fully developed in Drupal

Welcome Image



To develop from scratch to finish, describing the amenities and features offered by them. Sections are named as: Floor plans, Amenities, Gallery, Neighborhood, Residents, Contact Us.

Few special requirements were:

  • Give animation effect
  • Dynamic Layout and content
  • Listing on Gallery page
  • Videos which can be locally hosted
  • and more...



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