Telehealth & Virtual Health

At Faichi, we bring our expertise to the forefront to develop HIPAA compliant virtual health solutions. We empower providers to perform remote consultations, monitoring, and follow-ups. Faichi helps Telehealth and virtual health companies to:

  • Design and development of telehealth solutions with patient focused workflows and strong focus on engaging UX/UI design including patient portals etc. 
  • Leverage and integrate best of breed video conferencing, NLP and dictation tools to deliver superior experience for customers
  • Develop healthcare training/education etc. solutions across platforms
  • Monitor and manage patient vitals through wearable and IoT devices
  • Secure messaging across devices and address compliance
  • Integrate with EHR / EMR systems

Our Work

iOS App for Healthcare


  • Web based, online accessibility and modifiability  by an administrator (MD and or RN) assignment to RN’s Doc’s, Office managers, etc. in real time
  •  Auto…
Incentive tracking app for a Healthcare Customer


  • Development of an Incentive tracking  web application for a Dentalcare customer
  • Handling end-to-end development which includes UI/UX development, Design,…
Digital Care Management Platform with EHR Integration


  • Creation of the digital care management platform  consisting of web app, iOS front end, integrations with EHRs, Registration processes for the wellness & CCM…

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The child-mother cord strikes a chord with Trust and Relationship – a lesson from the trust shown by the mother on her child and the relationship that blossoms between the two.

Your watch can now alert the physician when you fall sick and need quick access to care. And if there is irregularity in your heart rhythms, wearable can detect that and alert a Telehealth provider.

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