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An interactive User Interface increases the stickiness factor. At Faichi, our UX design team takes a 360-degree view of your project and uses appropriate tools and methods. We ensure a clear layout, intuitive usage, transparent navigation, and enhanced interactivity. We address the following user experience challenges:


  • Tightly coupled backend and frontend leading to mismatch when data structure changes.
  • Scalability of applications when feature enhancements are undertaken.
  • Regression issues during new releases.
  • Targeting multiple devices to achieve responsive user experience. 
  • Building Custom applications for mobile users.

UI Development Approch

  • Decouple through Model View Controller (MVC) pattern and Object oriented concepts.
  • Practice test Driven Development and UI automation to reduce regression issues.
  • Create responsive designs to cover all devices.
  • Develop hybrid apps to target mobile users.
  • Build tailor made charting frameworks and custom widgets.

UX Design Process

  • UI Research & Planning
  • Identify UI design strategy
  • Conduct stakeholder meeting
  • Understand business goals
  • Understand user demographic
  • Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Navigation / Wireframe Design
  • Paper Prototyping
  • Clickable prototyping of key areas
  • Branding / Visual Design
  • Testing
  • Screen Designs
  • Validate designs with stakeholders
  • Development
  • HTML, CSS Development
  • Verification of HTML pages across multiple browsers and devices

Our Work

Multi-tenant Solution for Manuscript Approval


  • Low performance of Old Jserve web server.
  • High cost of Weblogic app server licensing.
  • Limited support for concurrent users.
  • Scalability…
Hybrid Analog system and UI for Care Agents


  • Develop a hybrid analog system for chronic care patients who are not digital savvy and can’t provide data using the health application.
  • Build an independent…
Deal aggregator website for corporate clients


  • Customer needed an ecommerce portal to share the new sales deals  & offers  on sellers’ products  with the corporate buyers.
  • Require a corporate…

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