Animate Your Site in Drupal 8
From color changing buttons to looping video and GIFs, website animation is a design trend that can work for a wide range of websites and delight your visitors.
So how do you incorporate website animation into your design? Here is an easy guide to get started.
Analytics Solution for Diabetes Management
Diabetes patients are typically treated by a multitude of different healthcare professionals. The industry therefore generates huge amounts of patient data that gets stored in disparate systems. Access to this information in a consolidated manner is currently a huge challenge. It is vitally important to overcome this challenge in order to provide better diabetes-care outcomes.  
The DevOps Mindset: Real-World Insight from Tech Leaders

DevOps will only work if an organization has the right culture in place. Find out in this paper how big-name DevOps leaders set up their organizations.


Source: Rackspace

The Changing Face of Drupal with Drupal 8
One of the major reasons behind Drupal’s success is that its community of developers always looked for big, forward-looking changes to make it more relevant and useful with time. For instance, Drupal 7 was a fantastic CMS, but because of various limitations like less supportive on mobile side, no ability for having a layered structure, etc., the Drupal 8 team decided to overcome the existing challenges in Drupal 8 by driving it towards the best enterprise solution.
This white paper talks about how the significant changes in Drupal 8 will impact the CMS landscape in the years to come.
Pillars of Cloudiness: Trends in Cloud Applications: Watch the webcast

More than anything else, the cloud requires flexibility and the ability to make changes quickly. Right now, new trends are emerging in the creation and delivery of cloud applications. Find out in this white paper what they are and why they matter.


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An Ideal Solution for your eCommerce Platform
With myriads of content management systems and platforms for an e-commerce website, it becomes difficult to choose the right option for your online store. Among many successful candidates, Drupal is one of the most flexible and powerful platform, especially for larger websites that expect a huge amount of traffic.
This white paper offers an insight into the Drupal commerce platform and how it has emerged as a revolutionized software integrating content, commerce and community for engaging Web experiences that bring more traffic to drive better results.
Scaling for the Cloud in the Age of Apps
Scaling applications for the cloud is hard, but it’s no impossible. It simply requires a rethink of everything IT does and how IT does it. Find out much more in this white paper.
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