With HIMSS 2019 approaching, we have come up with a series of blog posts for all the event attendees and the ones who are yet to book their spot at this healthcare pilgrimage!

Faichi  Solutions (a Saksoft company) has been a regular at the past HIMSS conferences, and it’s the same this year as well. We are geared up, anticipating, and excited to be a part of HIMSS 2019 as well.

With AI in the forefront in all industries, HIMSS 2019 will be focusing on how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning impact clinical diagnosis.


Artificial Intelligence:

Challenges faced by the healthcare industry:

•             Need to manage huge data-sets and convert that data  into meaningful and actionable insights

•             Reduce  time  involved  in  routine  tasks

•             Rising labor and other costs

•             Fast diagnosis

•             Digital expectations


The healthcare industry is often at the forefront of innovation and technological advances due to the wealth of medical devices, equipment and processes that permeate the industry.  But AI in particular seems poised to transform the way we collect, understand and use data on patient health, healthcare services and historical health data to revolutionize medical diagnostics, treatment and research. Following AI applications can be considered as solution:

•             Diagnosis in Medical Imaging

•             Treatment Design

•             Drug Discovery

•             Personalized medicine

•             AI assisted robotic surgery

•             Automated patient engagement  / Virtual Health Assistant


Don't miss out on this amazing session at HIMSS 2019 

Date & Time: Tuesday, February 12th from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Venue: Orlando,Florida – Orange county Convention Center. W208C

Speaker: Peter Lee, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation

Sussanah Rose, PhD, Scientific Director of Patient Experience Research, Cleveland Clinic.


Our Artificial Intelligence expertise

At Faichi, we provide solutions that collect, analyse and make sense of vast amounts of unstructured and variable data –especially text, statistical numbers and visual images into meaningful use.

With the increase in digitization and computing power, there has been an ever-growing wealth of digital data produced by individuals and systems, and advances in machine learning and analytical algorithms mean AI systems will become ever more powerful and effective at performing their assigned tasks.

Faichi Solutions AI practices provide benefits in following areas:

•             Diagnostics

•             Medical imaging

•             Fraud Detection

•             Automated workflow assistance

•             Dosage error reduction

•             Mental and physical health screening

•             Patient care and treatments

•             Medical Research

Want to know more how Artificial Intelligence can benefit your healthcare solution? Meet us at HIMSS 2019 ( sales@faichi.com)

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