The child-mother cord strikes a chord with Trust and Relationship – a lesson from the trust shown by the mother on her child and the relationship that blossoms between the two.

Man’s tryst with technology is also built on this philosophy of trust and relationship. The days of early computing used for processing huge data was succeeded by days of better computing when computers came about to perform certain business tasks as per instructions – And the momentum to the transition was given by  man’s trust and relationship with technology.

From internet to email, mobile and social media like Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype, every technology has produced great impact on humans only under the premise of trust and relationship.

A deep dive into man-technology trust & relationship offers success stories across industries and verticals, reiterating how technology has stood in good stead for establishing trusted connections and relationships, as illustrated by Facebook or by commercial applications like Blockchain, Payment Gateways in Fintech, and Telehealth platforms in Healthcare.

And in Healthcare, the 3-D focus turns to the Patient, Provider and the Payer community and how trusted connections and relationships are being championed by technology.

What are the leading technology drivers in the Healthcare trust and relationship story?


Healthcare industry has always had the ordeal of sharing patient information among multiple stakeholders. Also there is the HIPPA angle aimed at protecting patient health information. However, Blockchain has grown into a reliable technology ally for addressing this problem - Blockchain helps in creating private keys and public keys to share patient information securely. Where two parties are involved, keys become the critical key to establish trust and relationship in a particular event or a transaction.

Saksoft’s expertise in this area is well demonstrated by the application we developed to allow patients carry data on their mobile devices and share the same with providers securely.


Traditional way of patient care is now getting modernized. Taking patient appointments over the phone and expecting the patient to show up for consulting consumes almost 120 minutes of time and approximately $45 per visit. With the advent of Telehealth platforms, a patient can simply establish relationship with providers/physicians over video platform. As this technology emphasizes patients to register using the Telehealth platform and consult with the provider over video conferencing, it turns into a classic case of how technology can be leveraged to nurture trust and relationship.

Saksoft’s seven plus years of experience in the Telehealth space has resulted in many Telehealth success stories, including development of Telehealth platforms with multilingual interpreter’s capabilities. As per CMS, 2019 is the year marked for Telehealth boom and the market is expected to invest around $20 billion in this space. Payer companies are also encouraging Telehealth service coverage through their plans.

RPA – Robotic Process Automation

Manual tasks necessitating human intervention are now being automated through a RPA BOT. RPA facilitates creation of a BOT which listens and responds based on business problems, demonstrated by an intelligent Chatbot.

Chatbots serve their purpose in various areas, as in the case of resolving issue by answering customer questions. Chatbot that takes instructions and responds to business situations emphasizes human trust in the bot where it is also gaining customer confidence and trust by giving out immediate and relevant responses to customer queries. Saksoft’s partnership with UiPath has resulted in RPA solutions addressing specific needs of our clients.


Interoperability allows patient data to be shared or exchanged between various platforms by using HL7/FHIR standards. OAuth 2.0 facilitates logging into EHR’s such as EPIC, Cerner, and Allscripts among others to get patient data. In this case, Trust is established through OAuth 2.0 between commercial healthcare application and EHR’s.

HL7/FHIR standards ensure that these EHRs provide standard APIs to get the patient data or related data. Thus relationship between patient data and provider data gets established.

At Saksoft, our team of experts provide solutions around interoperability for patient data, lab data and patient imaging data which have benefited our customers in overcoming their business challenges.

Beyond doubt, technological innovations transforming Healthcare reiterate the simple theory of trust and relationship. For Healthcare, technology is not only a tool to connect the stakeholders, but also a force bringing about trusted connections and relationships among the Patient, Payer and Provider community.


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