Your checklist for Agile/Scrum methodology

    Traditionally organizations have been applying ‘Waterfall’ methodology for software development, where the various phases like Analysis, Planning, Development, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance are executed in a sequential manner. In this model, there is very little room to accommodate changes once the requirements are ‘Signed off’! The major limitation of this model is lack of flexibility with respect to changes in business scenario as well as functional requirements.

    12 ways to overcome challenges of Scrum adoption

    Agile and Scrum are the two buzzwords in the world of project management today. In some cases there is a genuine desire to reap benefits of the Agile methodologies, whereas others are simply following the industry trends. No matter what’s the motivator, the key to success is in the correct implementation of Agile.

    The Power of JavaScript

    More and more complex applications are being developed using JavaScript these days. This doesn't mean that every other language used for same purpose will slump overnight nor that JavaScript is free of issues; there are few issues but JavaScript has that power which makes it ubiquitous. Here are few reasons why JavaScript is a preferred language of front end developers.

    Subscriptions to Educational Content — a Way Forward

    The cost of Higher Education in the United States has risen astonishingly. The price of textbooks, education courseware, and content has been a significant contributor to this.Economist stated that the nominal price of textbooks in the United States has gone up to fifteen folds since 1970! 
    The impact of this swelling cost is prominent; Accenture findings indicated that students opt for less expensive alternatives like online universities than the traditional ones.

    Why Project Management is so important for Business results?

    In several areas of our lives, we use project management without even realizing we are. Whether it’s planning your meal or building a township, we all use project management every day.  Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring/controlling and closing every project require knowledge and expertise to succeed and will be more likely to get completed with a certified and experienced project manager as they are the right people who get things done, effectively.


    Next Generation Web Apps with Full Stack JavaScript

    In our previous blog on Full stack JavaScript, we helped you to understand how the components interact and how the architecture looks like. In this article, I will take you through how full stack frameworks gather different libraries that are useful for web development into a single cohesive software stack for web developers to use.

    Addressing the Rise of Consumerism

    A new healthcare market structure is emerging, in which consumer plays a pivotal role in the business of healthcare.  Consumerism has been making roads into healthcare industry since a decade. Patients increasingly have been acting as consumers having choices in their healthcare options. Patients are now trying to make the best decision for quality and cost just as they do with other commodities.

    Remote Care Monitoring creating value for Population Management

    Healthcare providers with passage of Affordable Care Act are rapidly merging into larger integrated delivery networks and shifting toward various at-risk payment and care delivery models.

    They are formulating strategies and deploying necessary technologies and processes to support population health management programs focused on Remote Care Monitoring. These solutions have been identified as early symptom management tool for patients at greatest risk for re-hospitalization.


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