Agile Innovation Games – Where New Ideas Emerge!

    Generating new ideas is always a challenging process! And even more difficult thing is to make people speak up and share their thoughts, which can result into new ideas. True Agile environment needs culture where each team member feels free and empowered to share his views, hence it is important for Project/Program managers and Scrum Masters to identify various ways through which they can get team members and customers communicate with each other and collaborate on the areas of interest for the team. This is precisely where Agile Innovation Games can help.

    Your checklist for Agile/Scrum methodology

    Traditionally organizations have been applying ‘Waterfall’ methodology for software development, where the various phases like Analysis, Planning, Development, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance are executed in a sequential manner. In this model, there is very little room to accommodate changes once the requirements are ‘Signed off’! The major limitation of this model is lack of flexibility with respect to changes in business scenario as well as functional requirements.

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