To develop some features in the website, facilitating description of the amenities and features offered by them. Features can be enumerated as Community Listing page, Multisite, Local area section in multisite, Floor Plans, Photos & Videos listing, Modern Living, Experiences & Events, Resources, Contact Us



The website has various sections describing all the facilities and features Overture is offering.

  • Photos & Videos listing where Videos are locally hosted. For videos we used Video module to create create thumbnails, embed video to node body using WYSIWYG module (D7 only) and many more.
  • Community Listing page: With geo maps this shows where all, the properties are located.
  • Multisite feature: Wherever Overture’s properties are located, each has a separate website connected to the main site. So we built this multisite feature which enables visitors to reach any particular location’s website easily.  


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