• Complex folder structures
  • No automatic backup facility
  • No mechanism to track the work done by content editors
  • Fetching data from different types of tables to export as CSV file
  • Large XML files



  • Migration of D7 and D8 sites from Acquia to
  • The main site (developed in Drupal 8) and support site’s (developed in Drupal 7) migration and deployment on is different than Acquia, including process, folder structures, way site is built, which was a challenge. However, we accomplished the entire procedure smoothly and successfully.

We followed steps mentioned below to migrate site from Acquia to

  1. Created a .make file with drupal core version number and name + version numbers of contributed modules.
  2. Copied custom modules, themes and libraries to its appropriate directory.
  3. Pushed the code to repository.


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