Enable faster release cycles, quicker on-boarding of applications with significantly improved processes and automation leveraging Faichi’s dedicated DevOps team. Additionally as healthcare organisations become more data driven, it is important to have a clear strategy to manage all the information being collected/aggregated etc. 

DevOps & Information Management

  • Advanced automation built into deployment, rollbacks, alerts etc.
  • Deploy capabilities across big data, cloud, core product engineering, cloud, mobility etc.
  •  Automate infrastructure provisioning and scaling 
  • Processes based on CI/CD with a strong focus on areas like healthcare security, DR etc. 
  • Consulting for data governance, practices, processes and architecture of solutions to help large/complex healthcare organizations manage and maintain a single-source-of-truth, MDM and similar solutions
  • Enable better analytics, intelligent insights etc. through improving data aggregation, data transformation & quality etc.

Case Studies

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