Most enterprises of scale, and even modest age, accumulate a large variety of systems in their architecture over time. This poses a huge challenge. Getting a common understanding of the information held in these systems, for internal or external use, is very hard. It also becomes very costly to make APIs available to partner organisations in a safe, flexible, efficient, always-on and an easy-to-understand-and-consume manner.

Modern digital organisations benefit tremendously from having well-integrated core and digital businesses. It also then becomes essential to develop optimised business processes that result in reduced servicing-cost per policy. 


Faichi Digital Solutions can offer a range of high-quality systems integration services to help you achieve your digital ambitions. Our skills-set ranges from defining integration architectures in partnership with the business, to writing the implementation code. 


Faichi’s leadership has deep knowledge and experience of very large scale internal and B2B systems integration in the Financial Services industry and also in the Software Product Development sector.

Faichi has successfully executed seamless B2B integration for its clients between diverse internal applications and third-party software like popular social networks, payment gateways, online data sources, SAAS APIs, etc.


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