To make Enterprise IT agile for faster application release, there has to be a change in the culture of the organisation. The invisible walls between development and operations teams need to be destroyed. The number of interactions between these teams has to increase and their quality must improve. Automation tools and processes need to be integrated.


Faichi Digital Solutions understands the difference between the implementations of DevOps and Agile in large scale enterprises versus start-ups. The drivers and constraints related to DevOps and Agile implementation models vary with scale and geographic distribution, however, the principles apply uniformly. Based on what we've learned with our customers, Faichi’s service offering is focused around cultural transformation, engineering practices and automation in three core areas:

  • Distributed Agile and software engineering.
  • Release and deployment, and its performance management.  
  • Quality assurance and service virtualization.


Faichi’s leadership has a proven track record of delivering transformation in culture, engineering practices and automation tooling, at scale.


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