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Views Pane field

This module implements Views API on behalf of all panel panes. (ctools content-types). This let's you reuse your panel-panes as fields in views!

It also works with contexts, so node, term and user context panes also work.

A big advantage to this is if you do custom development. All you need to do is create a ctools-content-type once and you can use it both in panels *and* in views.

Time Spent

This module tracks, by Ajax, how long a registered user took to read a page and the amount of time he spent on the entire site.

You can configure which content type and role should be tracked and view the report, exhibiting the total hours (or minutes/seconds) a user spent reading a page and at the entire site.

This module just track node pages and registered users. Taxonomy or views pages aren't tracked, but can be if the code is edited.
If you need to track anonymous v…

Node statistics

This module allows users to get social statistics for per node and site.From facebook (share), delicious (posts), linkedin (share count).

Further development for this module:

  • statistics for broken links.
  • checking for irrelevant/spam external links.
  • auto deletion/unpublish of irrelevant/spam comments.
Menu Attach Block


Menu Attach Block allows you to attach blocks to standard core Drupal menu items. This is especially useful for creating complex dropdown menus and mega menus.

Any block can be used, including blocks generated by other modules. Blocks generated by Views are particularly good candidates for embedding.

Semantic UI Omega

Who is it for?

Semantic UI Omega aims to combine flexibility of Omega theme & Semantic UI. While Omega is a key Theme in Drupal World , Semantic UI is rapidly getting popular and being used due to the features it provides. Semantic UI Omega is a Subtheme of Omega 4 and depends on Semantic UI API for integrating Sematic UI API library.

What are the features?

Semantic UI Omega is a Subtheme of Omega (4) , a…

Font Awesome Icons

Font Awesome is the iconic font designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap.



This simply adds the CSS, it's up to you to make use of the classes:
<i class="icon-twitter"></i…

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