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In any software system, may it be Drupal or some other technology, security is of utmost significance. A software system which is not optimally maintained can be prone to numerous security threats. 

We, at Faichi, understand this really well and hence we provide Drupal Security Audit as a service. Drupal addresses all the identified security threats and also has a dedicated Security Team to ensure that any line of code going into the Drupal core is highly secure. Yet, site audits help you to know about the overall health of your website and ensures that the site is completely secure from any potential threats.  Click here to know more about how security threats are handled in Drupal.

Site Audit Components

We perform extensive audit of your Drupal site covering all the following listed components and provide a detailed site audit report that entails all the critical details along with the recommendations to fix them.

Technical Audit

  • Full site security audits
  • Code audits for custom modules and scripts
  • Database security audits
  • Threat vector analysis
  • Firewall and Intrusion Protection System recommendations

Functional Audit

  • Drupal best practices and structural recommendations
  • Drupal architectural changes and recommendations
  • Navigation architecture flaws

Some Tools for Audit

  • Hacked Drupal module
  • Site audit Drupal module
  • Security Review Drupal module
  • Cache Audit Drupal module
  • Xhprof Drupal module
  • Apache benchmark, Yslow

Two Factor Authentication

We support and implement two factor authentication for software systems in varied technologies via methods such as text message, key code in physical device, code sent via email etc. Two factor authentication is now one of the most popularly used security standard to add additional layer of security to the software systems.

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Before getting on with the actual topic of integrating Solr with Drupal 8, let us get the basics out of the way. What is Solr? 

Security audits in Drupal are a vital part of maintaining Drupal websites' health and security. Web development team should always be proactive when it comes to delivering maximum client satisfaction with digital safety.

Security Audit

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