Analytics and Reporting are basic needs of any business. Hence, a multitude of analytics solutions are available these days catering to different use cases. But more often than not, the features and functionality provided by a ready to use analytics solution is an overkill for specific business needs. Also, the initial license and ownership cost to implement an analytics solution is significant.
Drupal 8 has web services built-in into the core and has the ability to easily integrate with third party systems. This enables Faichi’s Drupal based analytics framework to provide extensibility to your existing Drupal ecosystem and add multiple features to it. 
No need to buy an analytics framework that only caters to a part of what your requirements are and then spend significant time and effort in customizing as per your business needs. 
  • Our analytics framework utilizes D3.js framework in the front end which provides multiple libraries to create highly interactive and digressive graphs, charts etc.
  • Drupal’s database abstraction layer empowers it with the ability to connect with more than one databases and that too of different technologies such as MongoDB, MS-SQL etc.
  • Data can be fetched from multiple database sources into Drupal and then highly complex business and analytics algorithms can be run on it with interactive display and dashboard built in D3.js
  • Provides the ability to manage content, media, and users centrally and hence create various reports as required for better business insights.
  • The framework is extensible and hence provides some basic, ready to use features. It can be further customized after understanding your specific requirements.
Our analytics framework can be implemented in a matter of a few weeks. Also, since we built it in Drupal you get total control on configurability. The solution can be extended and scaled as and when needed based on the growing needs of your expanding business.

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