Publishing industry produces significant volumes of content and it not only requires a CMS but an entire platform that can cater to its needs, end to end.
Faichi’s Content Creation Workflow is a solution built in workbench that provides a platform for the content creators, validators, moderators, and the readers. The workflow lets the platform users focus on their expertise rather than learning about the complexities of the platform itself. This orchestration ensures enhanced delivery of content well in time. 
This is how the platform helps the publishing industry users.
  • Different users such as the Content creators, content moderators, supervisors, readers, etc. all have different set of permissions. Access is provided based on what is necessary for them to leverage.
  • Users work on the manuscripts and once done, send it to the next stage of content creation process. The status of the content being created changes based on the stage at which it currently is.
  • Content moderators can review the content and send it back with the proposed changes in the form of comments, with the changed status.
  • Supervisors have the ability to access the user analytics and content status. They can visualize statuses of all the content created and to which content is available with which user. Alerts can be set and raised based on the pending stage / duration of the content in a designated stage.
  • Can be integrated with any third party system which may create initial inputs such as an ERP solution like SAP. It can also be integrated with content repository or the Master Data Management system being used by the organization
  • Easy to use interface, enables users to focus on their tasks and not get lost in the learning curve of a new software system.
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