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With the release of Drupal 8, a new world of possibilities has opened up across numerous verticals such as Media, Publishing, Higher Education, Healthcare etc.
Adoption of Drupal has been significant in these sectors, though primarily as a Content Management System in the past. But now, because of the functionalities that Drupal 8 has brought along, Drupal is now not just a CMS but a platform that caters to numerous systems’ needs.
Now is the time to upgrade your systems to Drupal and move to rapidly improving and cost effective solution rather than maintaining the current obsolete architectures which may also be prone to security threats unlike Drupal which receives security patches consistently.
Drupal provides a highly flexible platform to address a wide range of needs of different technology based systems. Faichi enables organizations to cost effectively migrate, complex architectures and content from disparate systems to Drupal. 
Companies need secure data migration when they update their sites to align with their business needs.  We ensure a hassle-free migration from any technology based system to Drupal. Our experienced architects help you minimize the cost and complexity of migrating valuable content into Drupal through software tools and best practices with minimal disruption to your processes.
Post migration we also help our clients to integrate Drupal with other systems helping to further augment Drupal’s performance.
Faichi’s migration expertise would help you migrate from any kind of software system may it be Wordpress, Joomla, Django, Magento, .NET application, Alfresco, SDL Tridion or something else.

Why Migrate?

  • Achieve New web trends e.g. multi-channel social marketing.
  • Fulfill ongoing asset reorganization to refurbish enterprise data and site structure.
  • Attain long term Cost effectiveness with more features and availability of ongoing support.
  • Tackle Product shutdown upgrade scenarios which doesn’t align with your business needs.
  • Faichi provides seamless migration strategy and implementation services. Over the years, we have helped several companies in US and Europe to migrate thousands of pages into very powerful CMS tools like Drupal.


Faichi Migration Experts enable:

  • Smooth Migration to Drupal with clean database, and minimum downtime.
  • Robust CMS system’s basics (Taxonomy Vocabulary, Content Types), and Views as per your business needs.
  • Best practices on content separation, permission/user roles to ensure better placement, and content structuring.
  • Removal of redundant modules to reduce complexity.
  • Migration of multisites to a new server by keeping the multisite setup intact.
  • Mapping and replacement of old URLs to SEO friendly URLs for performance optimization.


Our Approach to Successful Migration



Success Stories

migration case studies


We can help you migrate your website from static HTML, ASP/MS SQL, Wordpress, Typepad, ColdFusion, TYPO3, CakePHP, Vignette or any other legacy CMS to Drupal with ease, and cost effectively. So, if you have migration on your mind, let’s talk! Looking for Drupal Version Upgrade? Click here

Our Work

California’s luxury apartments website fully developed in Drupal



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Social Networking Platform


  • Develop a social platform for senior citizens where they can share, collaborate, learn & avail variety of services.
  • Address Custom user needs:  • Social…
Faichi Facilitating Migration for Hi-Tech Enterprises


  • Complex folder structures
  • No automatic backup facility
  • No mechanism to track the work done by content editors
  • Fetching data from…

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Before getting on with the actual topic of integrating Solr with Drupal 8, let us get the basics out of the way. What is Solr? 

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