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The media and publishing business model has changed quite a bit over the last 20 years due to introduction of new technologies. As a result, it is necessary to consider the consumer's needs regarding media consumption and therefore, the need for customization process: interaction, sharing, proactivity, and creativity.

Drupal - a content management system (CMS) and content management framework (CMF) that powers websites and applications, is the right technology to support this new market and also provide customization, flexibility, and interactivity needed. 
The benefits of Drupal to the media and publishing industry include:

  • Content Management;
  • Customization and Social Media Interactivity;
  • Coverage and Portability; and,
  • Monetization.

With Drupal you can develop a single and united workflow that allows flawless publishing to several platforms. An effective publishing workflow will enable content editors to organize various tasks involved in publishing content, right from creating draft to reviewing the content to posting it publicly.

Some Drupal solutions that Faichi offers for Media, Entertainment, and Publishing verticals, are outlined below:

Central Panel for Multichannel Publishing

A central dashboard for multi channel publishing that enables the administration team to manage the Content, Media and Users of multiple integrated websites and mobile apps. 

Content Creation Workflow for Publishing

Framework for all the content creators, validators, publishers and managers to work collectively in synchronized manner towards content publishing.

Multisite and Multi-App Publishing Framework

Framework that enables you to quickly create multiple sites and mobile apps based on easy to select templates and functionalities needed.

Our Work

Content Management System for ePublishing


  • Low performancewith current Jserve web server 
  • High cost of Weblogic app server licensing
  • Limited Support for concurrent users. 
Framework for ePublishing Sites


  • Maintainability and time to market for Scholarly Publishers’ Journal sites. 
  • Empower publishers to manage content.
  • Common Framework across…
Custom Development & Drupal Migration for Media Sites


Several Media websites on older version of Drupal
Migrate  from to Drupal…

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