Product Information Management

Product Information Management

Today’s ecommerce world demands creation, management and distribution of huge volumes of products consisting of product images, product specifications and numerous other content, to multiple channels.

Faichi’s Product Information Management provides you  with ability to focus on the product and its specifications without entangling yourself in the complexities of  structure and mechanisms of the platform itself. Some of the features that it provides are as follows:

Product Creation Workflow 

Workbench based product creation workflow enables creation of product images, product specifications, product content, with status at each level and simultaneous inputs from contributors and validators such as Images Manager, Product Content Writers, Product Content Supervisors, Category Manager etc.


Bulk Upload and Export Operations 

Ability to bulk upload the products' content, the hierarchical levels, product images etc. via CSV, XLS modes . Easy manageability with options such as bulk publish, un-publish, or exporting of products.


Distribute Product Content to Multiple Channels

If for content creation any other platform is being used, this platform has the ability to be integrated with other systems to orchestrate content creation. Also, the product content and media can be distributed to multiple  selling channels as well.

Enrich ERP or MDM Content

If you have the ERP or Master Data Management in place to create and store ‘raw’ product information along with their categorization, this platform can be integrated with such systems to fetch  ‘raw’ product details for each product, and hence expedite  product content creation time. 

Sell on Multilingual Channels 

With Drupal 8 supporting close to 100 languages out of the box, a Product Information Management system being built in Drupal 8 supports multilingual channels and hence can be integrated with selling channels of other languages. As a result, this product content is salable on  multilingual selling channels too.

Manage Product Relations/Links

It gives you the ability to define product relations, define  cross sell and up sell links and relations. You can also link generic PIM articles to contextual Product images, product content etc. and hence promote content based selling.
Since the solution has been built in Drupal, it integrates seamlessly with Drupal's E-commerce based systems. Any E-commerce application  built with Drupal can be easily integrated with this solution. 

Connect your Product Information system with our Digital Asset Management system to create a robust and secure Ecommerce ecosystem. Find out more here Digital Asset Management

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