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We are a leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions and frameworks for healthcare organizations; significantly reducing time, effort and error rates for manual intensive processes. Team of statisticians, data modelers and analysts, business analysts etc. to help customers with predictive and prescriptive analytics, AI, machine learning etc. to make better decisions at the point of care, improve clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

As RPA works on a presentation layer, automating multiple processes and integrating all your legacy systems becomes seamless and simple; RPA is highly scalable, and more bots can be added to the process to perform the task even faster. Also, to implement RPA, you don’t have to disturb your current system, which is a huge bonus, and this helps in faster implementation.

  • Deploy RPA solutions across providers and payers including patient scheduling, real time alerts, quality rules, gaps-in-care, billing, claims processing & adjudication etc. 
  • Leverage advanced data science tools and statistical techniques esp. around disease management, pop health etc.
  • Develop AI and machine learning algorithms and applications including chat bots, NLP, image recognition etc. 
  • Faichi RPA solutions provides
  • Improved Patient Care


  • Improved billing with automation
  • Elimination of human error through the digitization of patient records
  • Faster and better patient data processing and retrieval
  • Effortless Plan validation and eligibility checks

Our Work

iOS App for Healthcare


  • Web based, online accessibility and modifiability  by an administrator (MD and or RN) assignment to RN’s Doc’s, Office managers, etc. in real time
  •  Auto…
Incentive tracking app for a Healthcare Customer


  • Development of an Incentive tracking  web application for a Dentalcare customer
  • Handling end-to-end development which includes UI/UX development, Design,…
Digital Care Management Platform with EHR Integration


  • Creation of the digital care management platform  consisting of web app, iOS front end, integrations with EHRs, Registration processes for the wellness & CCM…

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This time it was conducted at Orlando Florida convention center which is biggest in the world to the best of my knowledge.  Covering the entire convention center was impossi

HIMSS 2019

With HIMSS 2019 approaching, we have come up with a series of blog posts for all the event attendees and the ones who are yet to book their spot at this healthcare pilgrimage!

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is all set for its 2019 conference to be held in February at the Orange county convention centre Orlando, Florida.

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